Dongfeng Corporation's New goal of selling 360000 New Energy vehicles by 2020

January 30, 2019

Beijing  Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. is set to sell 360000 new energy vehicles by 2020. By 2018, it will sell 72000 vehicles, an astonishing increase in value.

Recently, the central enterprises implemented the new development concept, deeply implemented the innovation-driven development strategy, vigorously promoted the mass entrepreneurship and innovation work achievement exhibition (referred to as the "Central Enterprise Innovation Achievement Exhibition") in the China Electronic Science Research Institute exhibition center.

Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd., with its own developed E70 pure electric sedan, hybrid off-road vehicle, double clutch automatic transmission, intelligent driving controller and other industry leading innovative projects. In this exhibition, Dongfeng Motor Company combines real experience with multimedia interaction through a variety of current display forms such as physical objects, models and VR, which vividly shows Dongfeng Motor Company is implementing new ideas of development and building an innovative country. Support leading economic and social development in the main role of the further establishment of the new era of the new image of central enterprises.

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Dongfeng Motor Company exhibits cover new energy, intelligent networking, intelligent manufacturing and other areas of core technology and products. 7 pieces of indoor exhibits and 2 pieces of outdoor exhibits。

Among them, the core product complete car part, the Dongfeng Fengshen E70 pure electric sedan and the Dongfeng Mengshi hybrid electric off-road vehicle is particularly bright. Dongfeng Fengshen E70 pure electric sedan is a new independent development of Dongfeng Motor Company, equipped with driving motor, motor controller and vehicle control system, with complete intellectual property rights. At the same time, it has super ability of continuous, comprehensive range up to 351KM; larger and more flexible space utilization ratio, the whole vehicle 20 storage space, trunk volume 506L, home expert, comfortable and practical; Strong safety performance, through 16 major safety tests, durable test mileage accumulated to 510000 km; green, environmental protection, high price ratio, 100 km electricity less than 8 yuan, maintenance fee is only 1 / 3 of the same class of traditional cars.

Dongfeng Mengshi hybrid (hub motor) off-road vehicle is the first use of hybrid power technology on military tactical vehicles. The model is driven by four-wheel hub motor, and the pure electric driving mileage is not less than 35km, which can realize mute driving. It has strong power to adapt to extreme environments and steep terrain, and its battlefield survivability is constantly improving. In the selection of the National Science and Technology Progress Award, which represents the highest honor in China's scientific and technological circles, it has won the first prize in the automotive industry.

 A hard-blooded man who can fight and win when he comes. The new product, 6DCT 150 double clutch automatic transmission, is the world's first low torque wet double clutch transmission with compact structure, low weight and high fuel economy, smooth shift and high driving comfort. With the function of pre-selection, the shift time can be greatly reduced, the power of the whole vehicle is not interrupted, which represents the most advanced technology. Dongfeng independently developed the first TEG tail gas thermoelectric generator, to maximize the realization of waste heat recovery, efficient power generation, technology innovation and perfect integration of energy saving and emission reduction, the current power generation power 425W reached the international mainstream, leading level at home; The integrated electric drive assembly of pure electric vehicle developed by Dongfeng Motor Company is called the heart of the new energy vehicle. It has the characteristics of integration, low cost and strong power, and it is in the leading level in China among the similar products. Related to the high-precision technology part, Dongfeng booth is used to display a variety of technical forms. For example, the intelligent factory-flexible welding production line, that is, through DGP (Digital Graphics platform Technology) to expand the application, virtual debugging and production, the audience can also experience immersive interactive experience. The flexible auto welding production line adopts 3D model, which makes visitors understand the technical achievements more vividly and attracts a large number of spectators to watch. In addition, the 3D printing precision spray forming rapid mold making technology was developed by Dongfeng Automobile Company, and the injection molding equipment and process developed by Dongfeng Motor Company is the first in China, which realizes recycling of waste mould, energy saving and environmental protection. Let the dream come true of "the god pen Ma Liang"; The intelligent driving controller is independently developed by Dongfeng. It has the characteristics of low delay, strong compatibility, miniaturization, generalizability and powerful computing performance. It integrates self-diagnosis function and high efficiency and safety. Whether from the automobile related core parts or precision technological innovation, it represents the technological progress and transformation and upgrading of the industry from different levels.

Promote the work of mass entrepreneurship and innovation and cultivate new momentum of development

For a long time, Dongfeng Motor Company has regarded science and technology innovation strategy as the core strategy of enterprise development. On November 22, last year, Dongfeng Motor Company held a conference on science and technology innovation, which sounded the trumpet of Dongfeng's strong science and technology to achieve excellence. With the goal of "leading domestic research and development capability in 2020 and reaching the international advanced level by 2025", Dongfeng Automobile Company focuses on low-carbon, new energy, intelligent network connection, green and intelligent manufacturing and other technical fields. Solid progress across the 2020 science and technology revitalization plan strategy, and has achieved remarkable results. Such as the implementation of the new energy vehicle "583 plan", Dongfeng new energy enterprise to achieve overall profitability, new energy vehicle sales in the second consecutive year in the four major automotive groups ranked first, among them, new energy special vehicle sales volume for three consecutive years ranked first in the industry; With high-tech enterprises to carry out intelligent car cooperation, Dongfeng driverless technology has made a major breakthrough; Strengthen technical cooperation, build forward common technology innovation center with FAW Group, accelerate the research level of prospective technology in China's auto industry, and so on. At the same time, Dongfeng Motor Company actively implement the "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" spirit, always adhere to innovation-driven, self-development. According to the strategic plan of the Party Central Committee and the State Council to promote mass entrepreneurship and innovation, Dongfeng Motor Company combines its own development strategy, taking the headquarters of the Group as the leading force, through building a platform, perfecting the incentive system, and strengthening collaborative innovation, and so on. To realize the combination of "masses, creation" and reform and innovation, to promote the work of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" comprehensively at the level of group and subsidiary, to cultivate new momentum of development, and to strengthen the endogenous development motive force. Dongfeng Motor Company's first "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" project "Research on Design and restructuring of Racing cars" was carried out smoothly. The first autonomous brand racing team, "AEOLUS Racing team", won the championship, second place and third place in the R3 and R4 finals of the Beijing GPGP Grand Prix.

During the 12th Five-Year Plan period, Dongfeng Motor Company has invested 66.29 billion yuan in scientific and technological activities, accounting for 7.15% of the product sales income. It has continuously opened up its cooperation and continued to increase investment in science and technology and research and development. Further enhanced in the independent brand, new energy, intelligent network, and other areas of independent innovation strength. The company has won 47 awards in China, including 3 first prize, 13 second prize and 31 third prize. The industry-leading Dongfeng driverless car is in the process of speeding up validation, and the DDi75 series, which has been developed jointly with Volvo and compared with the same class of power, energy conservation and intelligence, was officially launched last month. In addition, Dongfeng Motor Company has continuously launched a new energy industry, applying for more than 370 patents, of which more than 40 are invention patents, and Dongfeng's "key Technologies for Energy Saving and Emission reduction of Hybrid City passenger cars" won the second prize for scientific and technological progress. The mastery of the core technology meets the needs of the development and industrialization of new energy vehicles, and makes Dongfeng the first in the list of new batch of new energy vehicles. At the same time, Dongfeng Motor Company promoted the implementation of the "583 Plan" of new energy vehicles, accelerated the construction of the industrial base of the three power companies, and defined the sales target of 360000 new energy vehicles by 2020. Dongfeng Motor Company will take this centrally owned enterprise innovation achievement exhibition as an opportunity to continuously implement the new concept of development, implement the innovation-driven development strategy in depth, respond to the central call for "mass entrepreneurship, innovation for all", and vigorously promote the work of mass entrepreneurship and innovation. Let innovation drive the development of Dongfeng and give full play to the main force of the central enterprises in the development under the new situation。