Dongfeng: Participating in the national key research and development of fuel cell vehicles

November 12, 2018

2018.10.31 News:

On October 28th, the national key R&D special project “Full-power fuel cell passenger car power system platform and vehicle development” led by Dongfeng Company was officially launched. The project was led by the Dongfeng Technology Center. The implementation period was 3 years and was supported by the central government's financial support of 52.36 million yuan. The project aims to build the first high-efficiency, high-security full-power fuel cell passenger car in China, helping Dongfeng Company to seize the commanding heights of new energy vehicle technology, fill the gap of China's full-power fuel cell passenger car, and cultivate international advanced fuel cell vehicle research and development. echelon.

Fuel cell vehicles have the advantages of zero emissions, high efficiency, diversified fuel sources, and renewable energy. They have always been regarded as an important technical direction for the sustainable development of the automotive industry. Dongfeng Company has always attached great importance to the development and technology accumulation of fuel cell vehicles, and regards fuel cell vehicles as one of the future strategic directions. It has carried out research on fuel cell engines, key components and complete vehicles, and well-known fuel cell parts at home and abroad. And the vehicle companies started technical cooperation, continuously improved the development capability and technical reserve of Dongfeng fuel cell vehicles, and completed the development of the first generation fuel cell car.

The project team of "Full-power fuel cell passenger car power system platform and vehicle development" has gathered 15 enterprises, universities and institutions, including Dongfeng, FAW, Jilin University, Tongji University and other automotive powertrains and vehicle R&D enterprises and universities. , Wuhan University of Technology, Electronics University, Xinyuan Power and other fuel cell parts and key assemblies for research and development of universities and enterprises, as well as Shanghai Machine Inspection, China National Automobile Center two national-level automotive testing and evaluation agencies.

At the kick-off meeting, Yuan Jianxiang, deputy director of the High Technology Research and Development Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology, raised expectations for the development of the “Full Power Fuel Cell Vehicle” project. He said that the project research and development should strengthen the performance orientation, sort out the technical bottleneck of fuel cell vehicle project research and development, set up the core technical team to carry out technical research on the "card neck" problem, control the core key technology through independent innovation; strengthen the integrity of scientific research papers to ensure Project papers and award-winning special projects are breakthroughs in core technologies; it is necessary to strengthen the overall coordination of projects, implement integrated management by project, and give full play to the wisdom and strength of all parties, do a good job in project research and development, and provide leading countries and industries. Fuel cell vehicle R&D technology and platform.
Cheng Daoran, deputy secretary and deputy general manager of the company's party committee, stressed that in the future, Dongfeng will further strengthen research on key technologies such as fuel cell systems and fuel cell stacks, and develop fuel cell vehicles with independent intellectual property rights to promote their industrialization. development of. In the next three years, we hope that all units will strengthen their confidence and cooperate with each other, with the support of the Ministry of Science and Technology and other relevant departments, as well as the hard work of experts, professors and elite engineers to jointly create a leading domestic and internationally advanced full-power fuel. Battery passenger cars have added to the national new energy vehicle business.

Jin Maojing, Director of the Traffic Division of the High-Tech Research and Development Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and Zi Zijian, Deputy Director of the Department of Science and Technology of Hubei Province; Peng Quan, Deputy Director of the Science and Technology Department of Hubei Province; Dai Xinming, Deputy Director of the High-Tech Development and Industrialization Division of the Science and Technology Department of Hubei Province Chang Zhang Yuanqin; Liu Guoyuan, director of the company's science and technology engineering department, director of the company's technology center, Tan Minqiang, deputy director Shi Jianpeng, and the person in charge of the project cooperation unit and technical experts attended the kick-off meeting. Jin Maojing introduced the special management measures for new energy vehicles. Shi Jianpeng reported on the overall implementation plan for the full-power fuel cell vehicle project.

At the kick-off meeting, the national key research and development plan "new energy vehicles" key special expert group leader, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University, director of the State Key Laboratory of Automotive Safety and Energy, Ouyang Minggao, national key research and development plan "new energy vehicles" focus The special overall expert group member, assistant to the president of Tongji University and professor Yu Zhuoping was also invited to give a keynote speech on the key technology development trend of fuel cells.