Junfeng accelerates the control of core parts to improve the competitiveness of the whole vehicle

February 3, 2023

At the beginning of the new year, Junfeng Motor Company accelerated the strategic layout of core parts control and strengthened the company's core competitiveness in response to the "blowout" situation of new energy vehicle sales.

Since 2021, the sales of new energy vehicles in China has been in a "blowout" trend, with the domestic consumption demand soaring and the overseas market growing year by year. When customers demand the whole vehicle, they also put forward personalized and differentiated requirements. The way to achieve personalized and differentiated needs mainly depends on core components to change, and can also be achieved by changing the appearance or interior of the vehicle. To enhance the core competitiveness is to continuously improve the competitiveness of core parts and components, so as to adapt the blowout market to the improvement of competitiveness. This is the strategic thinking of Junfeng Motor.

The electrical architecture and electronic control system are the core of new energy vehicles. Junfeng Motor manages this core component as a key item, accelerates the attention and control of this component, and adopts self-control and strategic cooperation to achieve this. At present, it can meet its own needs and also undertake individual market orders; The control of battery resources and the improvement of battery core technology and group technology will affect the range of the whole vehicle, which is a project of great concern to users. Junfeng Company has improved the overall performance of the power battery, reduced costs and made the whole vehicle more competitive through various ways; The electric drive system will directly affect the power of the whole vehicle, from "three in one" to "ten in one" (the product integrates the high-voltage distribution box (PDU), on-board charger (OBC), high-voltage and low-voltage DC converter (DCDC), vehicle controller (VCU), thermal management controller (TMCU), battery management system (BMS) and PTC controller into a controller assembly on the basis of the combination of flat wire motor, motor controller and reducer), According to different models, the comprehensive integration efforts of vehicle electric drive system coordination have been continuously improved.

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On a certain vehicle model, Junfeng have realized that the electric motor drive assembly adopts the industry's first dual-motor opposed two-gear reducer configuration, matched with a high-power differential lock, which can achieve 8000Nm of super torque output, and the 100-kilometer acceleration of the vehicle model will exceed 2 seconds.

The new start of the strategic layout of core components will surely bring more market returns to Junfeng!