Junfeng Motor Co., Ltd. Trademark Announcement

November 7, 2019

      Junfeng Motor Company Announcement

(Jun Feng Announcement Number 20191107)


Our company is legally registered and owns the "Junfeng" Chinese character trademark (drawing) in the scope of use of Class 4, Class 37, Class 39 and Class 42, and is protected by the Trademark Law of the People's Republic of China. Through the website announcement, I hope everyone in the industry knows.


It is an illegal act to use all the business activities of the Junfengregistered trademark in the above-mentioned scope without the written authorization of the Company and the legal representative of the Company. The Company reserves the right to pursue legal liability and financial compensation.

In line with the principle of resource sharing, the company can provide the above-mentioned trademark use rights to the society in accordance with the law.


Special announcement


Contact and supervision email: cc_junfeng@163.com

Tel: 18627811298



                          Wuhan Junfeng Automobile Co., Ltd.

                                   November 7, 2019

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