Junfeng New Energy Automobile has excellent quality

July 11, 2020

The product quality of "Dongfeng.Junfeng" has been recognized by users for many years, because the concept of "quality first" has been running through the whole value management process and will never be slack. Since its listing, there has been no recall due to product quality and no punishment from government departments; sales have skyrocketed.

A 2020 is also the quality year of "Dongfeng Junfeng" new energy vehicles. According to the three-year quality plan of the New Energy Division (2020-2023), this division will gradually advance the quality of new energy

Both management and product quality are improved. To this end, "Dongfeng Junfeng" organized a series of quality culture promotion activities, including a quality knowledge contest, a customer visit, a quality slogan collection activity, etc.; eight one-quality cultural activities to improve the quality awareness of all employees, Promote quality improvement experience and better implement quality management standards and procedures.

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