Market survey to the grassroots, business layout to the future

January 14, 2020

(Reported by Xiawu of this website): At the beginning of the new year, the company arranged relevant leaders and business personnel to carry out market surveys on the front line of the car to understand the real needs of users and market trends.


Dali, Yunnan, a beautiful tourist city, is also the first city where new energy vehicles were introduced to carry out shared travel business. In the early days, many domestic A0-class vehicles operated in this city, adding a scenic line to this city. After several years of operation, relevant personnel learned that users are afraid of using new energy vehicles and talking about the discoloration of new energy vehicles. why? It turned out that the early-launched vehicles had no after-sales service and the battery exhaustion was very severe. The mileage of the battery was greatly reduced. The user wanted to replace the battery but could not find the door. The replacement of the vehicle's spare parts was also remote. Because it could not be repaired in time, each outage was several month.


In Kunming, many potential customers do not understand the current technical status of new energy vehicles and believe that they are still at the low-speed level in Shandong. They dare not buy, do not want to buy, and cannot afford high costs. As for whether it is fuel saving, environmental protection and other factors, they are not very concerned. The concern is that the vehicle is easy to use and comfortable to use.


In Wuhan, when investigating potential users, they believed that: without subsidies for new energy vehicles, the cost is higher than fuel vehicles, and there is no incentive to purchase them; for operating users, they believe that currently, new energy vehicles are used for online car sharing and sharing. Business models such as travel have no future at all. The reason is that there are too many vehicles currently in operation and there is no hope for profit.


Yangcheng Guangzhou, a city full of vitality and vitality. Relevant personnel learned from the travel platform that users still have new energy vehicles, but they hope that the technology of vehicles is better, the mileage is longer, and the cost is slightly higher than that of fuel vehicles. "Jun Feng" brand has a higher awareness.


Through the survey, relevant personnel saw the hopes and challenges of new energy vehicles in 2020 and the future direction of "Jun feng" new energy vehicles.