Media Spotlight: Dongfeng's self-driving disinfection truck resists "COVID-19"

March 13, 2020
The world's first self-driving car platform equipped with 5G long-distance driving technology participated in the anti-epidemic test.

(Correspondent Xia Wu and special correspondent Wang Zhe) At the “Economic Development Intelligence 2045 ?6?1 Innovation Valley” new crown pneumonia rehabilitation staff isolation point, Sharing-VAN driverless killing vehicle is completed 3 times a day on the 1.1km road The epidemic prevention and killing work takes only 15 minutes in a single killing area of about 10,000 square meters, achieving "zero contact" of the epidemic prevention staff to the risk area, which is more efficient and safer than manual labor.

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 At around 10 pm on March 9th, the Dongfeng Sharing-VAN self-driving killer vehicle independently developed by the Dongfeng Technology Center has been put into the front line of Wuhan ’s “epidemic” war. Human-driven medical vehicles and driverless logistics vehicles work together to provide more comprehensive smart mobility solutions.

"Dongfeng Sharing-VAN driverless killer vehicle equipped with L4 level highly autonomous driving technology and 5G long-distance driving technology at the isolation point of the New Crown Pneumonia Rehabilitation Staff in 'Economic and Intelligent Manufacturing 2045 ?6?1 Innovation Valley' is completed every day on 1.1km road Three times in the morning, in the middle of the night, and the epidemic killing work, a single killing area of about 10,000 square meters only takes 15 minutes, which is more efficient than manual work. It is more noteworthy that the brain center that controls this killing car is located at 5G of Dongfeng Technology Center The parallel driving accusation center dispatching platform ensures the health and safety of epidemic prevention.

After the occurrence of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the company's technology center immediately started the development of epidemic prevention and health vehicles. On the one hand, it quickly completed the epidemic prevention technology upgrade of 1,500 Dongfeng Fengshen E70 network vehicles in February. X Mobile mobility service technology platform is the self-driving car killing project supported by it.

The temporary epidemic prevention emergency team composed of Yang Yanding, the deputy director of the company's technology center, and three key members of the Ministry of Science and Technology Innovation, Li Kai, Cao Kai, and Wang Xin, was put into product development and improvement and field commissioning early. On March 5, Dongfeng Sharing-VAN driverless killing vehicle officially participated in the killing work of the rehabilitation personnel isolation point of the “Economic and Intelligent Manufacturing 2045 ?6?1 Innovation Valley” located in Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone. Dongfeng Sharing-VAN driverless killer vehicle is based on Dongfeng Sharing-X driverless sightseeing vehicle and is equipped with a 16L large-capacity fully automatic disinfection sprayer, which can realize the entire process of driverless disinfection of high-risk roads in the observation area.

According to the arrangement, Dongfeng Sharing-VAN driverless killing vehicle mainly performs the disinfection and sterilization of roads between buildings and parking lots in the isolation zone. The total length of the disinfection route is 1.1km. The killing operation is performed 3 times a day, morning, and night. Kill coverage area is about 10,000 square meters. It is worth noting that the Dongfeng Sharing-VAN driverless killer vehicle is equipped with L4 level highly automated driving technology and 5G long-range driving technology, which can realize the 5G parallel driving accusation center dispatching platform of Dongfeng Technology Center to Dongfeng Sharing running outside. -VAN unmanned killing car for remote monitoring and vehicle control, to achieve unmanned disinfection and spray killing operations, and realize the "zero contact" of epidemic prevention staff to infected dangerous areas. In addition, the vehicle can load 4 × 16L spray disinfection buckets, which can complete the round-trip disinfection and spray of 1.1 kilometers of the entire park in 15 minutes, which is much more efficient than manual killing.

"When our vehicle first operated in the New Coronary Pneumonia Rehabilitation Workers' Isolation Park, security personnel wearing masks took videos with their mobile phones, and said as excitedly as we did, the self-driving disinfection was awesome! This made us feel It is valuable to work for myself! "As members of the core team of Dongfeng Sharing-VAN epidemic elimination and operation vehicle commissioning, Cao Kai and Wang Xin have been busy in the field recently. They said: "Although the commissioning work has fought more than 12 o'clock in the evening on several occasions, as Dongfeng people and Wuhan people, we all hope to use our own little effort to help the epidemic."

Aiming at the "five modernization" (lightweight, electrified, intelligent, connected, and shared) technology trend of automobiles, the Dongfeng Sharing-X mobile travel service technology platform represented by Dongfeng Sharing-VAN adopts Dongfeng "Pinzhi ?6?1 Yue "Heart" design philosophy, aims to explore the next generation (shared + unmanned + network connected multi-conditional integration) public mobile travel service new model, through the end (autonomous driving) + management (5G / V2X) + cloud (dispatch monitoring system) + The platform (Zhongchuang Development) 's four-layer architecture is integrated to build multiple transportation modes, share the overall solution of smart travel services, and provide users with a full range of high-quality automotive products and travel services.

As the world's first self-driving car platform equipped with 5G long-distance driving technology, Dongfeng Sharing-VAN self-driving cars have been receiving much attention since the official launch of the Shanghai International Auto Show in April 2019. Prior to this, Dongfeng Sharing-VAN had been in Deqing, Zhejiang. Carry out 5G demonstration operation, operate in Xiangyang “Zhixinglongzhong” demonstration project and Wuhan National Intelligent Network Connection Demonstration Zone, and participate in CCTV ’s “Magnificent 70 Years” interview live broadcast. CCTV ’s “Fashion Technology Show” column featured special reports. This time, Dongfeng Sharing-VAN self-driving killer car participated in the war epidemic, which is a specific action of Dongfeng Motor dedicated to providing users with high-quality travel services, and also a specific practice of technological innovation to help a better car life.