"New Energy Enterprise Club" is the home of member companies

March 8, 2019

Jiangcheng March plum blossoms, Donghu Liuya won the spring.

On March 7, Xiang Kaiyong, Chairman of Junfeng Motor Corporation, was in Wuhan, and he met with Ye Xiangdong, the executive secretary of the Chinese New Energy Enterprise Club.

The two sides conducted extensive and in-depth exchanges on the current development trend of new energy vehicles, technology paths, industry status and cooperation between the two parties. The two sides believe that the "two sessions" just held once again clarified the development direction of new energy vehicles, and making good use of the current strategic opportunities for the development of new energy projects in the country is the common aspiration of both sides. The club will effectively transfer good resources to Junfeng Motor Co., etc. Member companies serve well and promote the healthy, stable and rapid development of the company; member companies such as Junfeng Motor Co., Ltd. will actively participate in the activities of the association, jointly promote the construction of the association, and use the new performance to help the development of China's new energy automobile industry.

The China New Energy Enterprise Club (SNEC) is a high-end industry exchange circle initiated by the starting point research, the starting point of lithium battery data, the starting point electric network and a number of new energy industry chain entrepreneurs, industry associations and industry experts. At present, there are more than 200 entrepreneurs in the upstream and downstream industry chain covering new energy vehicles, new energy batteries, materials and equipment, and close cooperation with many new energy-related universities, experts, local governments and financial institutions across the country;

The mission of China's new energy enterprise clubs: gathering industry elites, building industry prosperity, achieving shared win-win, and strengthening China's new energy industry.

    The two sides also discussed the substantive issues such as the future industrial layout and business development of Junfeng Motor. (Xiawu report)