Soaring oil prices forced the new energy vehicle market to soar

March 10, 2022
The soaring international oil price has brought disaster to No. 95 gasoline running into the era of 9 yuan, and the spring of new energy vehicles has really arrived.

The next round of refined oil price adjustment will be carried out at 24:00 on March 17. March 8 is the third working day of the 10-working-day statistical cycle. The crude oil change rate is 24.01%. Far beyond the raised red line, in terms of rising, it is about 0.78-0.94 yuan/liter. The soaring international oil prices have brought disaster to the domestic refined oil prices, and the No. 95 gasoline has entered the era of 9 yuan. According to the average household car fuel tank of 50L, it will cost an extra 40 yuan to fill up a tank of gasoline.


     The soaring international oil price has brought disaster to the 95th gasoline running into the era of 9 yuan

     If the current rising momentum of oil is not contained, the end of March will enter the era of 10 yuan.

     Adding a full tank of gasoline and spending an extra 40 yuan can charge 80 kWh of electricity for the Dongfeng Junfeng EV70 family, which can increase the battery life by 640KM. As long as you can do simple arithmetic, you will come to the conclusion that electric vehicles are still the right choice in today's oil boom.

      The spring of electric vehicles has really come!

     What are you waiting for?

      The above are the discussion topics of the sales elites in today's Junfeng Company's sales seminar, and they are also the voices of feedback from users recently. It is the tide of the times that promotes new energy vehicles must be transformed from a new force to a main force.

     As a trend-setter, "Junfeng New Energy" must ride the wind and waves and move forward.