When the sweet-scented osmanthus is fragrant, "Junfeng" people are busy in the market

October 10, 2020
October is coming, and it happens to be the season of sweet-scented osmanthus fragrance, fresh autumn air, and harvest.

Such a beautiful season is also the busiest season for the people of Junfeng Company. Since "October", Junfeng people used the holidays to visit the market everywhere, and in the last quarter, sprinted for this year's sales target.

In a certain county in western Hubei, where Hubei and Hunan are connected, a bridge spans two provinces. The taxi carries Junfeng people from Longshan to the wind. It takes less than a minute. The driver said that this is a holy place for tourism. New energy vehicles should be used to make taxis, and there is no exhaust emission. The demand for new energy vehicles here is just Replace fuel taxi. The relevant leaders of the company visited the leaders of the taxi company, had a cordial conversation with the drivers, and learned about the market opportunities and the demands of users.

In a tourism company in Chengdu, the company's sales engineers are discussing with users the feasibility of replacing fuel-fueled minibuses with new energy minibuses. The user's biggest demand is to use new energy minibuses for rental, which is also encouraged by the local government. However, they are worried about the impact of operating efficiency caused by the high cost of new energy CMB. A calculation list provided by Junfeng Company clearly shows the comparison of operating costs between the two and dispels users' worries.

In Jiangcheng Wuhan, the prosperity in front of us has long been annihilated by the deserted city that was closed a few months ago. In a lively coffee shop, the company’s technicians are discussing the local business model with the new energy vehicle promoters of a certain southern company. How Dongfeng Junfeng Vehicles implements the “green travel” plan for government officials deeply moved the other party.

. . . . . .

The market is busy during the season when the sweet-scented osmanthus is fragrant. Hard work will surely return the results.