EV70-408 Pure Electric Car

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Dongfeng Group Brand
Model Number 430KM EV70-408 Pure Electric Car Electric Sedan 40 Minutes、More than 20 languages
Minimum Order Quantity 2 unit
Price FCA (email reply based on different models)
Delivery Time 30 - 45 days
Payment Terms T/T
Supply Ability less than1000pcs/month (Orders must be made 30 days in advance if more than 1000))

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Brand Dongfeng.Junfeng Model As Your Enquirement
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EV70-408 Pure electric car


430KM Pure electric car


electric sedan 40 minutes

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Product Description
Highlights of the car:

*The car adopts the Peugeot 408 chassis issued by Stellantis Group (formerly PSA Group) globally, and the global ownership has reached more than 2 million;

* The car maintains the French romantic interior style, and is perfectly combined with modern technology, giving people the characteristics of fashion, technology and simplicity;

*The chassis of the car continues to maintain the unique French design and tuning characteristics, giving people a sense of comfort and security;

*The car adopts a more advanced battery system to make the cruising range longer, reaching 500KM at a constant speed of 60 kilometers;

*The battery system is loaded with low temperature adaptation system and thermal protection system, and the vehicle is adapted to cold regions such as northern Europe;

*Advanced electric drive and control technology makes the vehicle powerful;

*The wheelbase of the vehicle reaches 2730MM, which is the best choice for official vehicles, rental car-hailing and business vehicles.


On March 28, Dongfeng Fukang (parameters丨picture) EV70-408, the first pure electric model of Dongfeng Group and Junfeng Company in 2022, was officially launched. The new car has launched two models: rental version and online booking version. The guide price in the Chinese market is 153,800 yuan (minus the national subsidy price) (the actual price will be customized according to different configuration, order volume, supporting financial policies and other major customer needs) . At the same time, the official also launched a number of preferential policies for car purchases.

In terms of appearance, the Fukang EV70-408 is based on the design and development of the previous generation Dongfeng Peugeot 408, and the details are optimized to highlight the characteristics of electric vehicles. For example, the front of the car adopts the common closed grille of electric vehicles, and the surface is decorated with blue stars, and the charging interface is hidden inside, which further fits the identity of its electric vehicle.

On the side of the body, the new car is basically the same as the previous generation Peugeot 408. The waistline is simple and simple, and the multi-spoke two-color rims have no extra embellishment, which looks no different from the fuel car.

At the rear of the car, the new car continues to use the classic C-shaped taillight group, and the rear surround is also a minimalist design method, without too much element decoration, and the exhaust port decoration is cancelled.

In terms of body size, Dongfeng Fukang EV70-408 has a length, width and height of 4750mm/1820mm/1518mm, and a wheelbase of 2730mm, leading the same class.

In terms of interior, the Fukang EV70-408 features a simple and practical style, equipped with a calm three-spoke steering wheel, and the creation of a sense of technology is handed over to the LCD instrumentation and 9.3-inch central control screen, which integrates online entertainment (Kuwo Music/ Himalaya), AutoNavi online navigation (map can be updated automatically), mobile phone interconnection, reversing image and other functions. At the same time, the new car also adopts a knob-type shifting mechanism, which highlights the texture.

In terms of seats, Dongfeng Fukang EV70-408 has been designed with ergonomic and bionic principles for the seat. The seat fabric is made of more comfortable and soft imitation leather. The seat adopts the shape curve of the seat surface and backrest. The curves of the back of the human body match, bringing a more comfortable and comfortable riding experience.

In terms of power, the new car is equipped with a drive motor with a maximum power of 110kW (150Ps), a peak torque of 230N·m, a ternary lithium battery pack with a capacity of 53.59kWh, and a NEDC cruising range of 430km. In addition to its class-leading ultra-long battery life, Dongfeng Fukang ES600's energy consumption performance is also very good, achieving the lowest energy consumption in its class, higher economy, and lower usage costs. In normal mode, it takes about 9-10 hours to charge the battery from 0 to 100%, and it only takes 36 minutes to charge the battery from 30% to 80% in fast charge mode.

At the same time, Dongfeng Fukang EV70-408 also provides a series of after-sales service policies in China. It promises a 3-year or 120,000-km vehicle warranty for non-operating vehicles, an 8-year or 150,000-km warranty for the three-electricity part, and a 5-year or 500,000-km warranty for the battery part; 1 year or 12-year warranty for commercial vehicles The 10,000-kilometer vehicle warranty and the three batteries including the battery are all committed to an 8-year or 600,000-kilometer vehicle warranty. (Overseas will be specified in the contract)

In addition, Dongfeng Fukang EV70-408 is still within the scope of China, providing 7X24 hours service hotline and rescue for car owners, and providing all car owners with normal maintenance after 48 hours overdue compensation of 200 yuan / day for lost work costs, and you can enjoy the five hearts of Shenlong Motors when you buy a car. Serve.

As a brand-new pure electric sedan under the Dongfeng Group's Fukang brand in 2022, it is assembled by PSA's Shenlong Automobile Company factory. Dongfeng Fukang EV70-408 has been upgraded to meet the needs of the new energy travel market with long battery life and large space on the basis of inheriting PSA's century-old experience in manufacturing and the Dongfeng Group's Fukang brand for 30 years of safety, durability, economy and practicability. , comfort and other needs of the B-end market all-round pure electric car new banner.


JUNGFENG EV70-408纯电动轿车参数配置表
 JUNGFENG EV70-408 pure electric car parameter configuration table        2022.02.18
基本参数 Basic parameters
照片 Picture  
网站信息 Information  
长*宽*高(mm)L*W*H(mm) 4750*1820*1488
轴距 (mm) Wheelbase (mm) 2730
轮距前/后(mm)Wheel base front/rear (mm) 1475/1480
最小离地间隙 (mm) Minimum ground clearance (mm) 120
行李箱容积 (L) Trunk volume (L) 455
最小转弯半径(m)Minimum turning radius (m) 5.4
整备质量 (kg)Curb weight (kg) 1550
轮胎规格 Tire specifications 215/50 R17
动力性能 Dynamic performance
Comprehensive cruising range (km)
60km/h constant speed cruising range (km)
最高车速(km/h)Maximum speed (km/h) ≥140
动力电池类型Power battery type 三元锂电池 Ternary lithium battery
电池容量(kWh)Battery capacity (kWh) 53.6
快充时间(h)Fast charge time (h) 0.6h(充电至80%)(charge to 80%)
慢充时间(h)Slow charge time (h) 6-9h
驱动电机类型  drive motor type 永磁同步电机
Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
Motor rated/peak power (kW)
Motor rated/peak torque (N m)
0~50km/h acceleration time (s)
0~100km/h acceleration time (s)
Energy recovery system (third gear)
Power battery intelligent temperature control system
ECO economic model
SPORT sports mode
底盘系统 chassis system
Front/rear brake
盘式/盘式 Disc / Disc
Electronic Parking Brake (EPB)
转向系统 steering system EPS电子助力转向器 EPS electronic power steering
Front suspension type
麦弗逊式独立悬架 McPherson independent suspension
 rear suspension type
扭力梁式半独立悬架 Torsion beam semi-independent suspension
安全配置 Security configuration
Main driver airbag
Passenger airbag
Front three-point pretensioned seat belts
Seat belt height adjustment
 Driver's seat belt not fastened reminder
ISO Fix儿童座椅固定装置
 ISO Fix Child Seat Fixtures
Rear child safety door lock
ABS anti-lock braking system
EBD electronic brake force distribution system
BA制动辅助系统 BA Brake Assist
AVAS low speed alarm sound
 HHC hill assist system
Tire pressure monitoring
定速巡航 cruise control -
外观 Exterior
前大灯 Headlight
Highly penetrating rear fog lights
日间行车灯 daytime running lights -
Electric adjustment of exterior mirrors
Electric heating defrost for exterior mirrors
防眩目内后视镜 Anti-glare interior rearview mirror
电动天窗 Electric sunroof  -
前/后排电动车窗 Front/rear power windows
Driver's window with anti-pinch
EV专属装饰 EV exclusive decoration
精致内饰 Sophisticated interior
Steering wheel angle adjustment
Multifunction leather steering wheel
旋钮电子换挡器 Knob Electronic Shifter
 Depth-type full-color LCD instrument cluster
Navigation information instrument display
仪表主题切换  Instrument theme switching
主驾座椅6向可调 6-way adjustable driver's seat
副驾座椅4向可调 4-way adjustable passenger seat
皮质座椅 leather seat
前排中央扶手 Front center armrest
 Rear center armrest with cup holders
 Rear center armrest with luggage compartment access
Front/rear headrest height adjustable
遥控中央门锁 Remote control central door lock
手动空调 Manual air conditioner
前/后顶灯 Front/rear dome light
 Cockpit lighting delay function
行李舱照明 luggage compartment lighting
Dashboard storage compartment and glove box
Front door inner panel storage compartment
 Center sub-dash storage box and cup holder
前排座椅后背带杂物袋 Front seat back with glove bag
舒适便利 Comfort and convenience
遥控钥匙(2把)Remote control key (2)
无钥匙进入 keyless entry
一键启动 one-button start
倒车雷达 Reversing radar
倒车影像 Reverse image
 Headlight not off buzzer warning
车门未关显示 Door not closed display
PM2.5 air purification system
智能科技 Intelligent Technology
互联网汽车智能系统 Internet car intelligent system 9.7英寸竖式TFT触控高清大屏
9.7-inch vertical TFT touch high-definition large screen
 "Hello Fukang" intelligent voice interaction system
AutoNavi Online Navigation (map automatic update)
Online Entertainment (Kuwo Music, Himalaya)
Wireless APP remote control system
WindLink手机APP应用 WindLink Mobile APP -
 4G mobile network + car WIFI hotspot
Baidu Carlife Smart Interconnection
在线流量商城 Online traffic mall
OTA远程迭代升级 OTA remote iterative upgrade
扬声器数量(个) Number of speakers (pcs) 2
收音机 radio -
MP3播放 MP3 playback -
USB/AUX接口  USB/AUX interface 前排 front row●
其他 other
补胎工具包 tire repair kit
前拖车钩 front tow hook
三角警示牌 warning triangle
交流充电枪(1把) AC charging gun (1)




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