A new generation of all-round pure electric commercial vehicle-New lingzhi M5

April 20, 2020

In the spring season, the new generation of all-round pure electric business practical school-the new Lingzhi M5 was officially launched.

Junfeng Automobile cooperates comprehensively to promote operation and marketing.


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Modeling evolution: using the "lightning" design language

The new Lingzhi M5's styling design has evolved in an all-round way, matching the aesthetic trend of mainstream business MPVs with a more youthful and trendy temperament. The front face adopts a new "lightning" design, the intake grille has a larger size, integrated large-area chrome-plated bright strips, and a richer sense of hierarchy, which increases the sense of volume of the vehicle from the lateral vision; cooperates with the trapezoid below The air intakes and sports bumper shape give a sense of fashion; the sharp eagle-eye domineering headlights and "hidden" daytime running lights form a perfect combination with the lower air intake grille, and the chrome lamp eyebrows With the cooperation, it looks wise and highlights the business atmosphere. In addition, the new stylish aluminum alloy wheels use a high-gloss polishing process, the shape is more dynamic and fashionable; the simple tail design, more demonstrates the temperament of business MPV.


In order to let the majority of car owners have a more comfortable ride experience, the new Lingzhi M5 has also been fully upgraded in terms of interior. The luxurious instrument panel emulating the stitching process extends from the driver's seat to the front passenger's seat, complementing the layered layout of the large 8-inch LCD touch screen. Combining light-touch materials and fashionable color matching style, it creates an orderly, simple and elegant land business class.


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Smart space: flexible layout is more practical


The wheelbase of the new Lingzhi M5 is up to 3000mm, and the length, width and height of the body are 5135mm, 1720mm and 1970mm. The large size makes the Dongfeng Fengxin Xinlingzhi M5 more flexible in space layout and can fully meet the needs of various types of business, loading and home travel. Entrepreneur's struggle journey is "excellent and calm."


Thanks to Dongfeng's unique smart space design, the new Mitsubishi M5 long slide seat has a maximum sliding distance of up to 586mm, and the second row of seats can be changed to "business class". Coupled with the panoramic 5 sunroof design, the car is more transparent and bright, allowing you to enjoy the comfort of travel. In addition, the rear seats have 9 combinations of side hanging, 360 ° rotation, folding, forward turning, flattening, and forward and backward movements, allowing users to freely combine seats and easily become a "space magician". The door of the car adopts the sliding opening method, which is very convenient for getting on and off the car and handling goods. In addition, the addition of comfort and functional configurations such as overhead air conditioning, intelligent color dashboards, convenient USB charging interfaces with one, two, and three rows has further strengthened the overall strength of the vehicle.


As an all-round business MPV, the new Lingzhi M5 not only perfectly interprets every role in business life, but also allows users to indulge in their careers, take advantage of the sunshine, and go out with their friends and family to go out for fashion and laughter with family members .

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Enjoy what you think: the quality is guaranteed, the car is more comfortable


Through measures such as smart factory construction, brand building systemization, perfect after-sales service, and improved lean management, Dongfeng's popular transformation and upgrading has entered the 3.0 era, and the development strategy of "quality up, brand up" has entered a new chapter. In order to further respond to consumers' expressions of personality, fashion, and confidence, Dongfeng Fengxing has refined the brand-new core value of the smart space, enjoy what you thinkof the popular brand, and empowered the new Lingzhi M5 with this. The quality is built to fully meet the demands of young users for higher product value.


The body safety and anti-corrosion performance of the new Mitsubishi M5 have been tested and analyzed by the whole vehicle simulation, real vehicle reliability and crash test. The new car uses high-strength steel in the A-pillar and other safety parts to create a safety barrier for the occupants. In addition, the new Lingzhi M5 has been optimized for NVH in various aspects such as power output system, chassis tuning and acoustic materials. The idling engine noise, wind noise and road noise have been effectively suppressed, providing a more comfortable driving experience for the occupants. .


In terms of power, lithium iron phosphate batteries, surging power motors, intelligent control systems, and a strong sense of technology, security, and environmental protection can be expected.


"In this new car, you can feel Dongfeng Fengxing's new brand value concept. As an all-round business model, the new Lingzhi M5 is also an upgrade of Dongfeng Fengxing for the younger consumer groups, helping the popular brand to be younger. , Going further in the process of intelligence. "As Tang Jing said in his speech, Dongfeng Fengling Lingzhi M5 will continue to uphold the brand value of" smart space, enjoy what you think ", and accompany users to start for love and work hard, Create a better cause.