After Junfeng catches up with

March 4, 2021
The use of electronic settlement tools has increased the impetus for the operation of Junfeng Company.

Yesterday, Junfeng Company had a discussion with experts on settlement platforms such as “Tiejian Yinxin”, “China Enterprise Cloud Chain”, “China Merchants Bank” and other settlement platform experts, summarizing the results of using modern electronic settlement methods in the past year, and discussing electronic settlement and electronic settlement. Scenarios of currency in practical application, explore the future development prospects.

Since 2019, Junfeng Company has successively introduced modern electronic settlement methods such as "China Enterprise Cloud Chain" and "Tiejian Yinxin" to promote daily operations, grafting supply chain finance to solve the financing and settlement problems in operation; at the same time, it has made great efforts in China Merchants Bank. With the cooperation, settlement tools such as electronic acceptance settlement and domestic electronic letters of credit have been opened, and modern electronic settlement tools such as China Enterprise Cloud Chain and China Railway Construction Bank Credit have been connected, giving the wings to daily operations. At the symposium, Junfeng Company believed that the use of electronic settlement tools has added momentum to the company's operations and is the prelude to the use of electronic money. In the future, we will firmly seize the modern electronic settlement platforms such as "China Enterprise Cloud Chain" and "Tiejian Yinxin", closely integrate the advantages of professional banks, realize the effective connection between daily operations and current electronic settlement, and expand operating results.

"China Enterprise Cloud Chain" is a modern settlement platform and supply chain financial platform for large state-owned enterprises, key enterprises and their associated value chain enterprises. They believe that serving Dongfeng and Junfeng companies is their responsibility and task, and they will cooperate better in the future. , Promote the development of the new energy automobile industry.

"Tiejian Yinxin" has 35,000 settlement companies in the upstream and downstream of its system, and its internal resources are very rich. They believe that the railway construction system can be deeply integrated with the automobile industry, and it is the bridge function of the Yinxin platform. In the future, it will effectively promote the development and cooperation between the two parties and achieve a win-win situation.

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