Anchor the target to maintain the fixed force

March 9, 2023
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Actively go all out to promote high-quality development, transformation and upgrading

Yesterday, after the adjustment of the leading group of Dongfeng Group, it made its first voice:

"Anchor the goal, maintain the focus, take an active role, go all out to promote high-quality development, transformation and upgrading, strive to advance to excellent Dongfeng and world-class enterprises, and make a good start to building a socialist modern country in an all-round way."

The new leadership team said that since this year, the company has thoroughly studied and implemented the spirit of the 20th CPC National Congress, conscientiously implemented the spirit of the meeting of the heads of central enterprises, implemented the new requirements of the SASAC of the State Council on "one profit and five rates", actively promoted the goals and tasks proposed by the company at the 2023 work meeting, adhered to the "double 350" goal, implemented the "five forces" work policy, overcome the unexpected factors in the operation, and vigorously promoted high-quality development, All work has been carried out steadily as planned, the company's sales volume of finished vehicles has increased on a month-on-month basis, the commercial vehicle business has accelerated and stabilized, and the orders of Landau and other independent business products have increased rapidly, and the overall business has shown a steady and positive trend.

The new leadership decided to anchor the goals, policies, tasks and requirements determined at the work meeting at the beginning of the year, and to promote stable operation and high-quality development. We should strive to identify and grasp the market opportunities brought by the policy of expanding domestic demand, actively expand the market and consolidate the market; We should further create a stable and good atmosphere, strengthen confidence, enhance confidence and cohesion; We should speed up the establishment and improvement of the indicator management system corresponding to the "one profit and five rates" of the SASAC, and unswervingly promote the high-quality development of business; We should actively do a good job in the listing of strategic new products to ensure that the expected results are achieved; We should focus on the two main lines of "marketing ability" and "profitability" and continue to promote capacity building; The responsibility of compaction should be tightened layer by layer, and the safety work should be done well.

The new leadership requires that leading cadres at all levels should change their style of work, act actively, pay close attention to the implementation, rigidly undertake the goals and tasks determined at this year's work meeting and the major topics arranged at the strategic seminar, carry forward the spirit of struggle, improve the ability of observation, response, command and tackling difficulties, actively find ways to cope with various challenges, overcome various difficulties, and promote the implementation of various tasks, Add luster to the overall situation with the light of one region.

We saw the east wind rising, and saw the "double swallows" flying!