Banks and Enterprises hand in hand to promote "Jun Feng" Shu Chu linked to build a New Industry

November 12, 2018


(This website is Chengdu News): In October, Rongcheng, the autumn is high and cool, the fragrance of Dangui is fragrant; the breeze blowing in the distant four-legged cool snow mountain gives people fresh and hearty. Recently, Junfeng Motor Co., Ltd. reached a strategic agreement with Chengdu Equity Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. to jointly seek investment opportunities and develop new energy in the fields of new energy vehicle development, core component development and application, and business model innovation and development. Automotive business.

The pilot equity investment fund management company is a professional fund management company, which is jointly funded by relevant state-owned companies in Sichuan Province. It focuses on government-led industrial development and major projects for investment and investment. The main investment directions of Pilot are smart city, new materials, new energy, general aviation, biomedical and other high-tech fields. According to the local government's strategic development plan, piloting capital strength, relying on its own resource advantages, integrating industry resource advantages, and focusing on supporting local integration. The government mainly invests in the new energy automobile industry and the new energy automobile industry nationwide resource integration, focusing on the introduction of foreign advanced new energy vehicle technology, domestic industry leading enterprises, etc., in order to support the realization of local government new energy car dreams, and exert the power of capital. Promote the successful launch of new energy vehicle industry and related supporting industries.

When responding to this website, the person in charge of Junfeng Motor said: Junfeng Motor is an innovative new company that develops new energy vehicles and core components, industrialization and operation. It needs to integrate the society including finance. The resources are used to achieve its strategic goals. The pilot fund has its unique advantages and years of investment and financing experience. The strategic cooperation between the two parties will effectively promote the realization of the business plans of both parties.

"Outside the window, you can see the snow on the Siguniang Mountain in the west, and the boat from Dongwu is parked at the door." In this situation, the completion of the strategic agreement between the two places, the combination of both banks and enterprises, to integrate the superior resources of both sides, will effectively promote the new energy vehicles of Junfeng Motor Corporation. Plan your business and achieve your planning goals as soon as possible.
(Reporter: Xia Wu)