Commendable August

September 2, 2021
In the past August, the unusual Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone, the unusual Zhuankou;

The attack of the "Delta" virus made the Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone "closed" for the second time. It was not just the "Zhuankou Community" that was closed, but most of the development zone's auto industry: Shenlong No. 2 Factory, Honda, and Dongfeng. Shares, Hongtai... are all "closed" inside.

The business of Junfeng Motor Company has been greatly affected: customized vehicles cannot be delivered, business processes are not handled, spare parts requested by users cannot be delivered, and all face-to-face business discussions cannot be conducted...

All of a sudden, busy business activities were replaced by busy nucleic acid tests, picking up daily necessities at the gate of the community, and queuing to receive preventive medicines.

The people of Junfeng Motors did not back down. Faced with difficulties, they sought solutions and their actions were fickle. They must meet the needs of users and achieve the goals of the month.

The user's order is fulfilled!

The vehicle requested by the user is delivered!

The exported spare parts have been shipped!

Taxi customer resources are implemented!

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August, the hottest season;

The season where summer and autumn meet;

The season when Junfeng people overcome difficulties and get the goods;

The remarkable August will not be forgotten by the Autobots in Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone.