Junfeng hydrogen fuel vehicle development has made great progress.

August 20, 2021

     In recent years, Junfeng Company has increased the pace and improvement of core technology and increased the research and development of hydrogen fuel new energy vehicles. This month, the hydrogen-fueled vehicles that participated in the development of Dongfeng Group have achieved results.

In mid-August, in the "Road Motor Vehicle Manufacturers and Products" (batch 346) issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the announcement of the registration of Dongfeng 12-ton logistics vehicles equipped with large-capacity hydrogen storage systems was realized; At the official commissioning ceremony of my country's first 100-level market-oriented hydrogen energy heavy truck transportation line held in the province, 20 Dongfeng Tianlong KL hydrogen fuel cell tractors were officially put into operation. This is the crystallization of the sweat of scientific and technological workers.

The 12-ton hydrogen fuel cell logistics vehicle is independently developed by Dongfeng Company and is a brand-new model tailored to meet the needs of intra-city and inter-city logistics application scenarios. This model is equipped with a large-capacity hydrogen storage system, combined with an efficient fuel cell system and an excellent vehicle energy management system, which can achieve a long driving range of 600 kilometers for the vehicle; it can achieve the optimal matching of the fuel cell system and the electric drive system, and at the same time Multi-level hydrogen safety is used to ensure the safety of hydrogen during use. Multi-party coordinated development, cross-unit R&D collaboration, leveraged their respective advantages in the field of hydrogen fuel cell and light commercial vehicle development, and jointly developed three fuel cell commercial models of 8, 12, and 18 tons, which can meet the requirements of logistics, municipal sanitation And other different application scenarios.

The newly developed Dongfeng Tianlong KL hydrogen fuel cell tractor has zero emissions, is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and is the best choice for fuel cell vehicle demonstration applications. It has a large-volume hydrogen system with a full-load driving range of 350 kilometers; with a hydrogen fuel system, it has high safety, high reliability, and high adaptability, and can be adapted to start at -30℃; it adopts a new platform and a highly integrated design. Through integrated insulation structure, internal insulation and blocking process, the internal insulation design can be fully realized.

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Junfeng Company pays great attention to the technical progress and grafting application of hydrogen fuel vehicles, especially the safety of large-capacity hydrogen storage tanks, the energy conversion utilization rate of hydrogen fuel, and the economy; at the same time, it is about to continue to explore the commercial operation links to make more Of users can safely and economically use hydrogen fuel vehicles.