Company exchanges with Hong Kong Innovation and Technology Commission

November 11, 2018

2018.10.12 News:

Junfeng Motor Company and Hong Kong Innovation and Technology Commission Research and Development Centre for Automotive parts and components (R & D Centre) for academic exchanges

Yesterday (11 October), Company leaders and related technicians held a meeting in Wuhan with officials and scientific and technological personnel from the Research and Development Center for Automotive parts and components (R & D Center) of Hong Kong at the 19th Wuhan International Auto Show. The related technology development, research results, development and application of intelligent and new energy vehicles of common concern have been fully exchanged, and a consensus has been reached for the two sides to explore the future cooperation.

The Hong Kong Special Administrative region Government Innovation and Technology Commission set up the Automotive parts Research and Development Centre (RDC) in 2016 and the Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC). Over the years, through technology research and development, and with industry, universities, and technical institutions, research results into commodities, thereby promoting the development of automotive parts. Since the establishment of the R & D center, more than 100 projects have been implemented, including plug-in hybrid passenger cars, pure electric 16-ton hooks and wireless electric vehicle chargers, electric drive integrated systems, car networking systems, operating platforms, and so on. The R & D Centre and the Hong Kong Productivity Council were merged as part of the Productivity Council on November 1, 2012.

Ms Li Yuanxia, an official of the Development Center, said: intelligent and new energy vehicles in the mainland are developing rapidly and the market is vast. The Hong Kong Automotive parts Research and Development Center has its unique advantages in developing resources and talents. If you can bring out the advantages of the two will bring a win-win. Junfeng Automotive is engaged in the development of new energy vehicles and core components, applied in industrial companies, is our center to seek cooperation target enterprises. We are willing to take the center member enterprises and Junfeng company extensive exchanges to promote bilateral cooperation.

The relevant technical official of Junfeng Company said: we are optimistic about the technology and resource forces of the Hong Kong Development Center and are willing to speed up the cooperation between the two sides. We hope to match the vehicle development with the components, develop the core components, and develop the business model. Financing and innovative sharing platform and other aspects of communication and exchange efforts to promote in-depth cooperation. (reporter: Xia Wu)