Competitors have not appeared today

September 9, 2020

          Recently, at the Tianjin TEDA Forum, industry experts participated in the conference and delivered opinions that shocked the industry, which shocked the industry and refreshed their views, bringing more focus to the future development of the automotive industry. During the conference, Dongfeng Junfeng had the honor to participate in the conference to listen to the voices of experts and learn about the latest developments in the industry. The leaders of Dongfeng Group delivered a speech.

          The only way for my country to move from a major automobile country to a powerful automobile country. The first half of 2020 is a historical node that cannot be avoided. The global economic downturn, the spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic around the world, the rise of protectionism and unilateralism, the global automotive industry chain and supply The chain is facing huge challenges, especially the slow growth of the new energy vehicle market. Wan Gang, vice chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and chairman of the China Association for Science and Technology, stated at the TEDA Forum that my country's auto industry will continue to face a complex and changeable external environment for a period of time to come. It must guard against new risks and remain prepared to deal with new challenges. So in this situation, how will China's new energy automobile industry grasp the opportunities for reform and development contained in the crisis?

Dongfeng Group Zhu Yanfeng expressed his opinion: the competitor has not appeared today---

泰达论坛上 企业/专家对新能源汽车未来发展说了什么?

Most of the business representatives participating in the meeting said that solving the pain points of new energy vehicle products and services is a project that is currently being focused on. However, Zhu Yanfeng, Chairman and Party Secretary of Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd., said that technology-driven industry trends are only one aspect of the industry. In strategic transformation and upgrading, deep insights into consumer demand and changes can create valuable products for customers.
What did the companies/experts say about the future development of new energy vehicles at the TEDA Forum?

In this regard, Zhu Yanfeng believes that traditional car companies should establish a win-win competitive relationship with various companies. He said that the current cooperation in the traditional car industry, cooperation between upstream and downstream, and cross-border cooperation have become important trends in the development of the industry. This kind of cooperation is not only reflected in R&D, procurement, manufacturing, sales and other business areas, but also in capital alliances, strategic alliances, etc. It has the characteristics of multiple fields, deep levels, and multiple aspects. From now on, strategic alliances may be faster as an entry point. .

   In addition, Zhu Yanfeng also believes that auto companies should not only focus on competition among companies in the same industry. More and more facts have proved that cross-industry competition will intensify in the future. He said, "From the perspective of the relationship between auto companies and new entrants, the boundaries of competitors are more blurred. The boundaries of participating in competition have become blurred. On the basis of traditional car manufacturers, industry entrants continue to expand. Manufacturers, there are also new powers in automobiles; there are both domestic Internet high-tech companies and foreign companies with high-tech backgrounds; both manufacturing companies and service-providing companies. It is difficult for us to judge the real winners of the future competition. Who is it, maybe the real competitor has not yet appeared today."

Junfeng Motor will digest the contents of the meeting carefully, formulate strategies, keep up with the industry, and coordinate development.