March 6, 2023
Latest company news about Dongfeng

"Great Bay Area" is the most innovative and dynamic bay port city cluster in China. Hydrogen energy, a green, low-carbon and widely used secondary energy with rich sources, is an important part of China's future national energy system. "Dongfeng Hydrogen Boat", the first full-power fuel cell passenger car in China.

In Foshan on February 10, everything woke up and the spring was bright. The first "Xianhu Science and Technology Conference of Hydrogen and Ammonia Hydrogen Fusion New Energy" in Foshan was held in Xianhu Laboratory, where more than 30 academicians gathered to talk about the future of hydrogen energy industry.

As an important part of the Science and Technology Conference, Dongfeng's full-power fuel cell passenger car "Dongfeng Hydrogen Boat" started demonstration operation. Dongfeng and Foshan Xianhu Laboratory signed the Strategic Supplier Agreement for Fuel Cell Key Components and the Joint Promotion Agreement for the Demonstration and Application of Fuel Cell Passenger Cars, covering the entire industrial chain of hydrogen vehicles.

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  The Great Bay Area is a world-class urban agglomeration with innovative vit

ality in China, an international scientific and technological innovation center, and an important support and demonstration area for the construction of the "the Belt and Road". Hydrogen energy is an important part of China's future national energy system and an important carrier for energy terminals to achieve green and low-carbon transformation. Hydrogen fuel cell is one of the important directions for the transformation and upgrading of the global automotive power system, which can effectively promote the high-quality and sustainable development of the new energy vehicle industry.

In 2018, it took the lead in undertaking the first key research and development project of full power fuel cell of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China, "Development of full power fuel cell passenger vehicle power system platform and complete vehicle"; Dongfeng Hydrogen Boat, the first full-power fuel cell passenger car in China, was developed and passed the acceptance in 2021; In 2022, the project won the first prize of the Science and Technology Progress Award of the Society of Automotive Engineers of China; In 2023, Dongfeng Hydrogen Boat was awarded the first full-power fuel cell passenger car license of a Chinese brand, and achieved its first demonstration operation in China.
The latest news is that Dongfeng Hydrogen H2 · One 130 fuel cell system independently developed by Dongfeng Company has completed the announcement, and all parameters have reached the industry-leading level.

On the day of launching the demonstration operation, the guests at the meeting jointly witnessed the operation and delivery of Dongfeng Hydrogen Boat. In the exhibition area of Xianhu Laboratory, everyone was deeply attracted by Dongfeng Hydrogen Boat.

"Can this car run?" someone asked curiously. They have seen too many concept exhibition cars. The hydrogen fuel cell passenger cars that can run really are still new in China.

"Can run!" said Li Hongtao, director of hydrogen energy research and development at the forward-looking research center of Dongfeng Technology Center. He added: "Dongfeng hydrogen boat is a licensed commercial vehicle, which can be used normally and hydrogenation is very convenient."

"Is this a hydrogen-burning car?" someone asked puzzlingly.

"It is not 'burning'. It is hydrogen that directly generates electricity through chemical reaction to drive the vehicle to run. And when the vehicle runs, the emissions are pure water, clean and efficient, which is a veritable zero-carbon travel." In the face of people's eager attention and curiosity, Li Hongtao answered one by one.

Take the lead in the economic pioneer of the Bay Area of China. The "Dongfeng Hydrogen Boat" with red flowers is arranged in order to provide people with various forms of demonstration operation services such as online car appointment, park shuttle bus, official car, etc.

In the field of real vehicle application, "Dongfeng Hydrogen Boat" has realized the high integration of the system, which is fully integrated in the engine room with very limited space, and can respond to the use of the whole vehicle under all conditions in a timely manner. The high utilization rate of hydrogen is more than 95%. It can quickly realize the cold start at - 30 ℃. It is matched with a large-capacity 70MPa high-pressure hydrogen storage system. The whole vehicle has the characteristics of long endurance, low hydrogen consumption and high safety, which can make customers fully feel the new zero emission technology, Get rid of mileage anxiety and safety anxiety.