Dongfeng Autonomous Vehicle Entering Rongcheng

December 4, 2023
Latest company news about Dongfeng Autonomous Vehicle Entering Rongcheng

To the east of Chengdu, spanning Longquan Mountain and adjacent to Tianfu International Airport, is a rising future technology city on the main axis of the Chengdu Chongqing Economic Circle - Chengdu Future Technology City, dedicated to creating a new benchmark for intelligent transportation.

In this technological new city, sparks of wisdom can be seen everywhere. On the road of Chengdu Future Science and Technology City International Science and Education Park, several Dongfeng autonomous vehicles shuttle through it, becoming the smart ambassadors of this technology city, bringing people a convenient travel experience.

In the park, the self driving minibus Sharing Van 1.0 Plus starts from the Tianfu Jiangxi Laboratory and circles the internal roads of the park, connecting the national laboratory, teaching building, dormitory area, and science and technology innovation space, providing people with a seamless travel experience.

It is worth mentioning that 7 blind spot warning points have been built on the operation route of autonomous minibuses, and through vehicle road collaborative interaction, these points provide security for operation. After more than two months of trial operation, the self driving minibus has achieved preliminary results in benefiting the people, technology research and development, and business model exploration. It has adapted to the environment with high pedestrian flow and complex road conditions, providing safe and convenient travel services for residents, workers, and visitors in the park.

On the public roads outside the park, the autonomous driving bus sharing bus is also conscientiously carrying out regular connecting operations. Based on the progress of the application for road rights opening and the surrounding road conditions of the Science and Education Park, Chengdu High tech Zone plans two clockwise ring roads and one two-way route to provide ride hailing services for surrounding residents.

It is understood that Dongfeng Autonomous Driving Bus uses "combination navigation+vision+laser point cloud fusion technology". Through the vehicle fusion algorithm, it can perceive and detect the surrounding conditions 360 degrees, complete high-precision positioning, and achieve high-level autonomous driving. At the same time, to ensure the safety of vehicle operation, each minibus is equipped with a safety officer to always protect the safety of passengers.

Once the line is opened, it gains the favor of local residents. Every morning, there is a long queue at the autonomous bus transfer point, adding a lively atmosphere to this technological new city. Passengers book vehicles in advance on their mobile phones, and after the vehicles enter the station, they board the bus in order to start their journey.

During operation, these autonomous buses provide convenient travel services for residents and have been widely praised by passengers. "This is a new area with a high demand for public transportation. This car has solved my daily commuting problem and is very sci-fi. I never expected to be able to ride in an autonomous vehicle one day," sighed Ms. Chen, a citizen.

The currently opened unmanned connecting lines are mainly used for the commuting of personnel from relevant units in the future Science and Technology City. In the future, they will gradually open up services for surrounding living and residential areas, and serve the daily life and travel of residents in Chengdu High tech Zone on a larger scale.

At present, the development of China's intelligent automobile industry has entered an important period of development. Under this trend, Chengdu High tech Zone has obvious advantages in innovative resources and is following the concept of vehicle road cloud integration to create low-speed unmanned service applications, intelligent networked autonomous driving applications, intelligent networked commuting service applications, intelligent networked public transportation applications, and other scenarios. Dongfeng Company will continue to deepen its research on autonomous driving technology and commercial implementation and operation, creating a "pilot zone" for intelligent connected vehicles in Chengdu Future Science and Technology City, and providing new solutions for high-quality and seamless mobile travel services.

Junfeng Company will also actively participate in Dongfeng Group's intelligent strategy and strive to promote the development of vehicle intelligence.