Product Update: Hero-917 Overseas Adaptability Test Launch

November 29, 2023
Latest company news about Product Update: Hero-917 Overseas Adaptability Test Launch

"Three two one, let's go!" As the departure flag was waved, four Hero-917 vehicles lined up and smoothly drove out of the Mengshi Park. On the morning of November 27th, the departure ceremony of Hero-917 overseas adaptability test was held at Dongfeng Mengshi Technology Park. This is a breakthrough for Dongfeng in the field of verification. A team of engineers composed of testing personnel from Dongfeng Technology Center and National Automotive Inspection and Testing Center will be divided into two teams to conduct vehicle testing in typical countries in the European Union and the Middle East. The overall test is expected to be completed in late March 2024.

It is understood that overseas adaptability testing is to ensure that Hero-917 can adapt to overseas environmental conditions and user needs. The experimental team will hire local drivers for driving and evaluation, taking into account the local special climate, road conditions, and cultural habits, and conduct key tests directly based on the evaluation of local real users. Through these experiments, potential problems can be identified and resolved in advance, product design and manufacturing can be improved, vehicle performance and reliability can be enhanced, providing consumers with more reliable and safe vehicle choices.

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Among them, the testing countries in the EU region include representative countries such as Germany, France, Sweden, Norway, etc. The routes cover mountainous areas, coastal areas, cities, etc., restoring the daily commuting, shopping, intercity travel, and long-distance travel scenarios of local users; The testing countries in the Middle East region include several typical tropical desert climate countries such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Kuwait. The routes cover deserts, cities, coastal areas, mountainous areas, etc., fully considering the driving scenarios of local users idling for long periods of time with air conditioning, refueling at gas stations without turning off the engine, and continuous long-distance high-speed driving through deserts. For these user scenarios, the team will focus on evaluating the vehicle's key indicators such as intelligent driving, intelligent navigation, charging compatibility, range, and power, and evaluate road reliability to test its stability and adaptability in different road conditions and environments. The estimated mileage of a single vehicle is 15000 kilometers.

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After the launch of Hero-917, Junfeng Company received a large number of overseas orders, and some prototype vehicles have been delivered.