Dongfeng autonomous vehicles on the streets of Sweden

December 13, 2019

It was learned from Dongfeng on December 11 that the company's T Engineering AB company (hereinafter referred to as T company) has been approved by the Swedish Transport Agency, and its autonomous vehicles can be tested on public roads. At present, company T is one of only 5 companies in Sweden that have obtained a self-driving road test license.

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T Company was established in Sweden as early as 2015. It is mainly engaged in the research of intelligent and new energy vehicle core technologies. At present, it has achieved great results and has made great contributions to the technical progress of Dongfeng Motor Company.

Sweden is one of the countries in Europe that attaches great importance to traffic safety and technological innovation. It has always made autonomous driving technology a key part of future intelligent transportation.

Company T applied for L4 (highly automated) self-driving car road test. The location is on the public road between the science park in Trollh?0?1ttan in western Sweden and the train station. This is the busiest and most complicated street in the city. . Company T uses an autonomous driving prototype based on Dongfeng's own-brand passenger cars. Company T is Dongfeng's first overseas R & D unit and a strategic fulcrum. From the perspective of technological development, T Company mainly focuses on electronic intelligent technology, electronic control technology, and vehicle networking technology. It is committed to developing independent intellectual property rights in vehicle control products, breaking technology monopoly, and gradually promoting to Dongfeng Company to form core competitiveness .