Dongfeng Company Releases New Energy Leap Achievements and Three Major Technology Brands

April 12, 2023
Latest company news about Dongfeng Company Releases New Energy Leap Achievements and Three Major Technology Brands
Recently, Dongfeng Company announced the achievements of the new energy transition, as well as the modular architecture of Dongfeng Quantum Intelligent Electric, Mach E new energy power brand, and Dongfeng Hydrogen Boat hydrogen power brand, and reached three important strategic collaborations. It opened a week-long technology innovation exhibition, showcasing the new achievements of the "Dongfang Fengqi" plan and the "Leap Action" of technological innovation with a unique automotive technology feast, Fully open a new chapter in transformation, upgrading, and development.
In 2021, Dongfeng Company released the "Dongfang Fengqi" plan and the "Leap Action" for technological innovation, focusing on promoting the leapfrog development of new energy and intelligent driving, and planning a green and intelligent travel blueprint. After profound accumulation and long-term cultivation, Dongfeng Company's new energy business has basically achieved independent control of core technology and core resources.
In terms of platform development, Dongfeng has created three major electric platforms: MTECH Mengshi luxury electric off-road architecture, Dongfeng Quantum intelligent electric modular architecture, and DSMA multi energy, low-carbon, and energy-saving modular architecture. In the field of commercial vehicles, Dongfeng has built electrified platforms for medium to heavy trucks and light trucks, with main indicators reaching international first-class levels, providing customers with green, efficient, and intelligent solutions for the full range of commercial vehicle usage scenarios.
In terms of technological innovation, Dongfeng adheres to the technological route of combining super hybrid (PHREV), pure electricity, and hydrogen energy.
In terms of hydrogen power research and development, Dongfeng has created the "Hydrogen Boat" technology brand, covering 20-300KW, which can meet the needs of different models of passenger and commercial vehicles. It has launched the first 80kW full power fuel cell passenger car in China.
In terms of intelligent technology, Dongfeng has independently created China's first new generation centralized SOA electronic and electrical architecture.
In addition, Dongfeng has achieved independent control in the fields of motors, electronic control, and batteries. In Wuhan, an annual production capacity of 470000 sets of electric drive assemblies, 300000 sets of electronic controls, 300000 sets of IGBT modules, 100000 sets of battery packs, and 1000 sets of fuel cells has been established. In the next three years, Dongfeng will build a production capacity of 900000 sets of electric drive assemblies, 1 million sets of electronic controls, 1 million sets of IGBT modules, and 10000 sets of fuel cells.
Dongfeng has established a luxury, high-end, mainstream, and small new energy brand pattern. Among them, a new series of electric products from Dongfeng Fengshen are about to be released at the Shanghai Auto Show. In the second half of this year, Dongfeng will also release a new small electric brand, forming a development pattern of "towering, standing, and overwhelming". Technical confidence is the root, product confidence is the foundation, brand confidence is the foundation, and value confidence is the soul. Dongfeng New Energy has made a leap and is poised to win the trust of more customers.
The Dongfeng Quantum Intelligent Electric Architecture, Mach E New Energy Power Brand, and the "Dongfeng Hydrogen Boat" Hydrogen Power Technology Brand released by Dongfeng Company have fully demonstrated the strength of Dongfeng Technology. Dongfeng Company has also reached three major strategic collaborations with strategic partners to build a new ecosystem of smart transportation in the fields of new energy and intelligence.
In terms of future product planning, Dongfeng Company stated that it will focus on the market demand for new energy vehicles in all scenarios and all climates. In the field of passenger cars, it will launch 18 new energy products and continue to enrich its product lineup. In the field of commercial vehicles, 22 basic models will be launched to achieve full coverage of multi scenario products.
Dongfeng Company will also focus on breaking through advanced power systems and intelligent driving technology, and stated that it will invest 50 billion yuan in the next three years to develop the new energy industry.