Dongfeng EV70: solid-state battery on-board application

January 23, 2022

On January 22, the first batch of 50 Dongfeng-Ganfeng high-specific energy solid-state battery vehicles jointly developed by Dongfeng and Ganfeng Lithium were delivered in Xinyu City, Jiangxi Province.

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Become the world's first solid-state battery vehicle demonstration operation project,

It took the lead in firing the first shot of solid-state battery industrialization.

The world's first 50 Dongfeng Fengshen EV70s equipped with solid-state batteries will be put into demonstration operation in Jiangxi, Guangzhou, Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces

Dongfeng Fengshen EV70 is committed to becoming a "safe and efficient" new energy operating vehicle market leader, and has won many awards such as "Best Low Temperature Resistance Award". Dongfeng-Ganfeng has cooperated for many years, and has made technological breakthroughs one after another, successfully applying the new technology of solid-state battery to Dongfeng Fengshen EV70 model. In the future, the two parties should continue to work together to accelerate the breakthrough and mastery of key core technologies for next-generation batteries, and jointly build a modern industrial chain.

◉ Since 2018, Dongfeng Company has taken solid-state batteries as an important strategic development direction and formally established the project.

◉ In July 2019, Dongfeng Technology Center and Ganfeng Lithium began to cooperate to develop the first-generation solid-state battery system

◉ In June 2020, the whole vehicle equipped with the first-generation solid-state battery system rolled off the production line.

◉ In June 2021, the Dongfeng-Ganfeng "solid-state battery demonstration operation" strategic cooperation agreement was signed.

◉ In January this year, the announcement of the solid-state battery vehicle was officially released and ushered in the world premiere of the demonstration operation. This is the result of the technical precipitation of both parties, and it is also a milestone event in the field of new energy vehicles.

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The two sides have always made technological breakthroughs again and again in the spirit of "don't believe in limits" Picture Picture

In particular, the development of power battery modules was completed within 5 months for the first time,

It also took the lead in applying the new technology of solid-state batteries to new energy vehicles.

Further seize the technical track

Among them, a total of 167 experiments were carried out,

The mileage of the whole vehicle reaches 150,000 kilometers,

All aspects of performance are excellent.

So, what kind of advanced technology does the solid-state battery that can guarantee the excellent performance of the EV70 have? How did it perform? picture

◉ The solid-state battery on board adopts the world's leading solid-state flexible diaphragm technology. The single unit has passed the stringent tests such as puncture and 50% extrusion large deformation. .

◉ The solid-state battery module adopts aluminum alloy frame + high-precision seam laser welding technology to reduce redundant structure, and the group efficiency is as high as 86%.

◉ According to the unique chemical properties of solid-state batteries, combined with a large number of experimental data, the BMS algorithm has been "tailor-made", and after continuous optimization, a stable and reliable battery management system has been formed.

◉ The solid-state battery system has also withstood the harsh experimental environment in terms of waterproof, explosion-proof, earthquake resistance, and structural strength, and its technical indicators are ahead of the industry level.

Dongfeng-Ganfeng high specific energy solid-state battery is the first to be installed on Dongfeng Fengshen EV70 model.

It is another important empowerment of advanced technology for Dongfeng Fengshen products

Dongfeng Fengshen E7V0 will continue to move towards the "first car" of new energy operating vehicles in China.