Dongfeng EX1 joins the scooter track

April 18, 2021
       (Joint report by Xia Wu of this website and First Grid) Dongfeng EV released the industry’s first user operation IP-"Dongfeng Liver" at the event, aiming to rejuvenate the Dongfeng EV brand as a whole and create a trendy cultural circle for car owners. Deepen the market with more accurate and effective user communication methods.

        On April 16, the Dongfeng EX1 Fun Driving Fair was held in Shanghai. The Dongfeng EX1, which is positioned as an "all-road scooter", was unveiled on the eve of the Shanghai Auto Show. The very clear theme of the event and the positioning of the vehicle model undoubtedly show that Dongfeng EV will make a strong cut into the scooter track with the help of a small quality pure electric SUV with excellent quality and low price, Dongfeng EX1, and is expected to become a strong competitor on this track. .

        Dongfeng related leaders who focus on the development of new energy vehicles under Dongfeng Motor said at the event: In recent years, the scooter market has developed rapidly and is becoming a blue ocean market in the industry. Through the launch of Dongfeng EX1, Dongfeng EV will increase its focus on development in this market. With the overall system strength of military quality, state-owned enterprise quality and European quality, I am full of confidence in the performance of Dongfeng EX1 on this track.

         As a strategic partner and project promoter of Ex1, Junfeng Motor Company sent staff to participate in the event.

         At the same time, Dongfeng EV released the industry's first user operation IP-"Dongfeng Electric Man" at the event, aiming to rejuvenate the Dongfeng EV brand as a whole, create a trendy cultural circle for car owners, and use more accurate and effective user communication methods Deeply cultivate the market. According to reports, Dongfeng EV will use the “Dongfeng Charger” IP in the future to strengthen in-depth communication with target user groups through different concepts and forms such as product experience officers, cultural creation officers, and trendy fashion officers.




     At the Fun Driving Conference, Dongfeng EV and State Grid, PetroChina, Yimao Automobile, Shima Travel and other industry partners reached in-depth cooperation intentions. In the future, through different forms of cooperation, Dongfeng EV and Dongfeng EX1 users will develop more Multiple car usage scenarios and car usage convenience will enable users to get a better car usage experience.



      It is undeniable that in the past two years, driven by some explosive models in the market, the scooter market has developed very rapidly, and it has received increasing attention from the industry and consumers. At the same time, in terms of the overall market, some problems have begun to emerge, such as vehicle safety and overall convenience.

"After a lot of and long-term market research, such as consumer demand and some existing models in this market segment, we believe that competition in the scooter market not only provides products that benefit the people, but also needs more quality products. Sense of car models are added to promote the mature development of the entire scooter market." Chen Meng said.

     It's far more than just transportation. According to reports, Dongfeng EX1 fully integrates the needs of scooter consumers in terms of convenience, endurance, safety, space, comfort, etc., and accurately stamps the value of current users to the product. The core appeal of the scooters greatly expands the scooter usage scene.

     The basic service package of Dongfeng EX1 includes a three-year warranty for the whole vehicle, 7*24 hours after-sales service, a lifetime warranty for the battery of the first owner, free road assistance for life, a portable charging kit, etc., which can be described as sincere. With the blessing of the highlights of these models, the overall cost-effective advantage of Dongfeng EX1 is very prominent in the current scooter market. I believe that the performance of Dongfeng EX1 in the scooter market will surely rise.

The domestic auto market is developing in depth, and the 50,000-class scooter market has ushered in a transition period of "from quantity to quality", which will prompt this blue ocean market to start to re-ranking. From the perspective of users, a competent scooter cannot rely on a green card pass alone. It not only needs to balance the relationship between parity and quality assurance, but also needs to integrate male/female, old/young and all classes of society on the scooter. The multi-faceted needs. Dongfeng EV entered the scooter track with the EX1 model, and the product attributes of all-road scooter set a new standard for the market.






Charging and endurance have always been the core value of pure electric vehicles. With the current construction density of charging piles in China, the 120-170km pure electric endurance of some scooters will inevitably cause "endurance anxiety". In the product sequence below 50,000, the EX1 extends the pure electric battery life to 300km+, achieving a similar ceiling, which will greatly ease the tension of the owner when driving, and the range of activities has also been greatly expanded. The city circle with a radius of 100km can run casually.

The mainstream scooters can only be charged in the household charging box (low-voltage AC charging), and cannot enjoy the high-power charging pile network that is being built quickly. EX1 supports high-power DC fast charging, and can get fast "energy" replenishment in high-speed service areas and urban charging piles. From 30% to 80%, it only takes 30 minutes. You can smoke a cigarette and take a nap. Full of blood resurrection", long-distance self-driving trips can also be held completely. The AC slow charging interface will also not be absent, and commuting to and from get off work can be charged through the charging box, which is convenient, fast, and more economical.


The EX1, derived from the CMF platform of the Nissan-Renault-Mitsubishi Alliance, integrates the diverse demands of users from all walks of life. It not only considers the flexible shuttle brought by the compact body, but also fully emphasizes the quality experience of NVH, shock absorption, steering, and control. Will provide users with a higher value travel experience. The 150mm SUV class has a large ground clearance, and it is more emboldened when encountering gravel roads and potholes. Compared with competitors at the same level, it has a core advantage and truly achieves "all road conditions". In addition, the new car also has ASIL-D high-level safety protection. The power battery pack adopts a four-layer, ten-fold safety protection design. The safety is directly against mainstream family cars with more than 100,000 yuan. This is also the core of traditional scooters. Advantage.


The mainstream three-door scooters all present a "box shape", and the blind pursuit of compactness and flexibility makes the car more "short, narrow, and tall", with a small space, and severely restricts the control limit and passive safety. The EX1 is a pure electric SUV of pure pedigree with length, width and height of 3732/1579/1515 (mm) and a wheelbase of 2423mm. It deeply implements the idea of "maximizing space and optimizing functions" for pure electric vehicles. The functional space required by the occupants has been greatly expanded. The five-door four-seat layout brings a more convenient, flexible and practical space experience. The rear seats can be laid down independently, and the flexible trunk of 300-1107L realizes full storage, which is perfectly compatible with the attributes of family travel tools. The setting of the long front suspension and the front and rear anti-collision beams provide more buffer space for the passenger compartment and battery pack. With the professional chassis adjustment of the CMF platform, the directivity and traceability can be compared to 100,000+ mainstream domestic cars. , Refresh the safety standards of scooter.


The appearance design of EX1 is very attractive, elegant white, morning breeze blue, ruby red three appearance colors to meet the diverse demands of users. Functional configuration is also an important reference indicator for young people to buy a car. The EX1 series comes standard with main and auxiliary driving airbags, tire pressure alarms, remote keys and manual air conditioning. Some models provide 8-inch touch LCD screens, voice recognition, and Internet of Vehicles. Even the OTA upgrade function. High-end equipment such as LED headlights and leather seats can be purchased at a price of 50,000. The high-definition reversing image is also very friendly to novices. The entire interior adopts the simple style commonly used by pure electric vehicles, and the application of contrasting colors and retro elements creates The vigorous interior atmosphere fully conforms to the current mainstream aesthetics.


In recent years, new media users’ cognition of automotive products has been developing towards diversification and informatization, and the control of their own needs and the identification of product capabilities have become more precise. As Dongfeng EV's new strategic layout based on the scooter market, through in-depth analysis of the consumer demands of all classes of society, EX1's "hard indicators" such as space & intelligence, quality & safety, battery life & charging have been lifted to new heights The product attributes of this all-road condition scooter not only bring users a higher-value travel experience, but also inevitably force the scooter market to become standardized, mature and quality-oriented.


At the same time, as the leader of domestic independent brands, Dongfeng's domestically leading car-making heritage will also bring more quality blessings to Dongfeng EX1. Military quality, state-owned enterprise quality and European quality, these three quality guarantees will enable Dongfeng EX1 The competition on the scooter track appears to be more comfortable. The low-level architectures such as the three-electric system, safety protection, and chassis adjustment also showed the quality confidence of no less than 100,000 or more sedan cars, and established new quality for the upcoming market prosperity. Benchmarking.

As a strategic partner, Junfeng Motors will follow up on the development and changes of EX1 at any time, and tailor a more suitable transportation tool for users at home and abroad to make your life easier and better.