Dongfeng high-end electric car debut

November 4, 2021

On October 31, the Landu FREE Pure Electric City Edition was officially launched, priced at 388,600 yuan, with a limited sale of 888 units.

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Lantu FREE Pure Electric City Edition is positioned as a "performance-level smart electric SUV", based on ESSA's original intelligent electric architecture, with a wheelbase of 2960mm, a large five-seater space, and a NEDC comprehensive range of 505km; with excellent electric drive and driving control Performance, million-level luxury and comfortable configuration and intelligent performance provide users with a driving experience far superior to the same level. This time, the new blue-brown interior will be launched simultaneously with the Lantu FREE pure electric city version, and all Lantu FREE series are optional.

The IPO conference will be broadcast live simultaneously on more than 100 online platforms in the form of online release. Lantu Motors CEO Lu Zai said at the press conference that in daily communication with car owners at the Lantu User Night event, many users said that the pure electric version of Lantu FREE is very practical, and many owners of the extended range version are basically the same. Drive on electricity. In this context, Lantu Auto insists on user demand-oriented, rapid iteration of products, and quickly responds to user needs to launch the Lantu FREE pure electric city version, hoping to bring more convenience to users' lives.

Lantu FREE Pure Electric City Edition has the slogan "Luxury without Option", and dozens of luxurious configurations are all standard in one step. For example, the air suspension of a 300,000-class SUV was decentralized for the first time; the main driver's seat massage, the passenger seat's 12-way electric adjustment and massage, so that the owner and occupants can relieve the fatigue of the journey at any time during the journey; in addition, there are fragrance systems, Dan Take 10-speaker audio and other configurations that usually appear in luxury cars above 500,000. If users place an order for the pure electric city version before December 31, 2021, a smart dimmable panoramic canopy can also be selected for 0 yuan.

In terms of driving control, the Landu FREE pure electric city version uses a front double wishbone, rear multi-link suspension system, and is equipped with an all-aluminum chassis, bringing a million-yuan driving experience. At the same time, the Lantu FREE pure electric city version provides 255kW, 520N-M electric driving force, comparable to the performance parameters of a 3.0T-powered fuel car, so that drivers can fully experience Lantu FREE's "performance level" label.

As a smart electric SUV, Lantu FREE City Edition focuses on warm smart technology. The central control is equipped with the world's first integrated liftable triple screen, which brings a full sense of ceremony. The L2 level intelligent driving assistance system allows drivers to drive more safely and easily whether they are following the car at low speeds or driving at high speeds on elevated highways; the world’s most comprehensive automatic parking, 360 panoramic images and transparent chassis help car owners In a narrow, crowded city, park and move vehicles freely. The NVS night vision system makes driving at night or foggy safer.

For the first owner of the city version, Lantu Motors has launched an exclusive lifetime free charging, with Lantu FREE's two-year zero interest car purchase rights, lifetime free vehicle and three-electric warranty, and 0 purchase tax rights, which truly allows users to buy and use cars. The car has zero anxiety.

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