Dongfeng is about to launch a pure electric SUV

October 17, 2023
Latest company news about Dongfeng is about to launch a pure electric SUV
Dongfeng's first pure electric SUV below $16000, the SKY EV 01, is about to be launched. Recently, the Dongfeng Marketing Division, in collaboration with Dongfeng Changxing, organized a demonstration operation activity in Wuhan to fully demonstrate the economy, reliability, and other performance of the car.

The demonstration operation lasted for a total of 60 days from September 25th to November 25th, with 30 SKY EV 01 units put into operation in Wuhan, with a total operating mileage of 20000 kilometers.

To better demonstrate the performance of SKY EV 01, this demonstration operation is based on the characteristics of operating conditions and scenario requirements. Multiple representative operating points, including different road conditions such as urban roads, highways, and mountainous areas, are selected for full verification in multiple scenarios to verify the durability and environmental adaptability of the power system, as well as vehicle reliability, economy, and power performance. Dongfeng Fengshen and Dongfeng Changxing have formed a professional operation team to ensure the smooth implementation of demonstration operations and ensure the high-quality listing of vehicles.

After a period of demonstration operation, the performance of SKY EV 01 received good feedback from the operating drivers. Driver Wu Shifu said, "After this period of experience, overall I feel that the SKY EV 01 has a good range, is easy and comfortable to drive, and charges quickly. After 8 minutes of charging, I can run another 100 kilometers." Driver Liu Shifu said that during the demonstration operation, I deliberately ran many road conditions, and I feel that the SKY EV 01 accelerates very quickly from the start and is also very smooth when driving at high speeds.


规格参数 Specification parameters
长*宽*高(mm) Length * Width * Height (mm) 4670*1900*1613
轴距 (mm) Wheelbase (mm) 2775
轮距前/后(mm) Track width front/rear (mm) 1605/1605
最小离地间隙 (mm) Minimum ground clearance (mm) 145
行李箱容积(L) Luggage compartment volume (L) 360
整备质量 (kg) Curb weight (kg) 1618
轮胎规格 Tire specifications 225/60R18
动力/底盘系统 Power/chassis system
CLTC综合工况续航里程(km) CLTC comprehensive operating range (km) 445
最大功率(kW) Maximum power (kW) 120
最大扭矩(N·m) Maximum torque (N · m) 240
电池类型 Battery type 磷酸铁锂电池 Lithium iron phosphate battery
电池冷却方式 Battery cooling method 液冷 Liquid cooling
宽温域高效热泵系统 Wide temperature range efficient heat pump system
电池容量(kWh) Battery capacity (kWh) 50.82
百公里电耗(kWh/100km) Electricity consumption per 100 kilometers (kWh/100km) 12.8
0~100km/h加速时间(s) 0-100km/h acceleration time (s) 8.7
能量回收系统(强/中二档可调节) Energy recovery system (adjustable in strong/medium second gear)
快充时间(30%-80% SOC 常温) Fast charging time (30% -80% SOC at room temperature) 28min
慢充时间(h) Slow charging time (h) 7.9
悬架系统(前/后) Suspension system (front/rear) 麦弗逊式独立悬架/多连杆式独立悬架  MacPherson independent suspension/multi link independent suspension
驾控安全配置 Driving control safety configuration
一键启动 One click start
一体式怀挡 Integrated breast block
驾驶模式(Eco/Normal) Driving mode (Eco/Normal)
主/副驾驶席安全气囊 Driver/passenger seat airbags
主驾安全带未系提醒(提示音+提示灯) Driver's seat belt unfastened reminder (warning tone+warning light)
 Integrated body electronic stability system
ESC (车身电子稳定控制系统) ESC (Electronic Stability Control System)
TCS(牵引力控制) TCS (Traction Control)
HHC(坡道辅助系统) HHC (Hill Assist System)
HDC(陡坡缓降系统) HDC (Hill Descent Control)
ABS(防抱死制动系统) ABS (Anti lock Brake System)
EBD(电子制动力分配系统) EBD (Electronic Brake Force Distribution System)
BA(制动辅助系统) BA (Brake Assist System)
Driving image assistance
 High definition reverse image
速度感应自动落锁 Speed sensing automatic locking
EPS(电子助力转向系统) EPS (Electronic Power Steering System)
EPB(电子驻车制动) EPB (Electronic Parking Brake)
Auto-Hold自动驻车系统 Auto Hold
TPMS(间接式胎压监测系统) TPMS (Indirect Tire Pressure Monitoring System)
ASCD(定速巡航) ASCD (Cruise Control)
儿童安全门锁 Child safety door lock
ISO FIX儿童座椅固定装置 ISO FIX child seat fixing device
擎空美学外观   Qingkong Aesthetic Appearance
数码列阵格栅+刀锋气帘 Digital array grille+blade air curtain
引力数码LED大灯 Gravity digital LED headlights
自动大灯功能 Automatic headlight function
大灯高度电动调节 Electric adjustment of headlight height
伴我回家灯 Accompanying me home light
擎空之翼尾翼 Wings of the Sky Tail
裂影之弓贯穿式LED尾灯 Split Shadow Bow Through LED Tail Lamp
后雾灯 Rear fog lights
前风挡玻璃雨刮器 Front windshield wiper
外后视镜电动调节(带转向灯) Electric adjustment of exterior rearview mirror (with turn signal)
隐藏式门把手(电子弹出+机械开启) Hidden door handle (electronic pop-up+mechanical opening)
18吋铝合金轮毂 18 inch aluminum alloy wheel hub
天空之境科技座舱   Sky Realm Technology Cabin
图书馆级低分贝静音设计 Library level low decibel mute design
四门车窗玻璃一键升降功能(带防夹) Four door window glass one click lifting function (with anti pinch)
智能钥匙(解闭锁/升降窗/行李箱开启/寻车) Smart key (unlocking/lifting window/trunk opening/searching)
主驾无钥匙进入系统 Keyless entry system for the driver
10.25吋液晶组合仪表 10.25-inch LCD combination instrument
10.4吋高清中控大屏 10.4-inch high-definition central control large screen
多功能皮革方向盘(4向调节) Multifunctional leather steering wheel (4-way adjustment)
自动空调 Automatic air conditioning
内后视镜防眩目 Anti glare of interior rearview mirror
扬声器数量(4个) Number of speakers (4)
极霆之脊运动座椅 Extreme Thunder Ridge Sports Seat
主驾座椅手动6向调节 Driver's seat manual 6-way adjustment
副驾座椅手动4向调节 Passenger seat manual 4-way adjustment
前排中央扶手 Front center armrest
车载香氛系统 Car fragrance system
后排空调出风口及USB接口 Rear air conditioning vents and USB interface
后排座椅4/6比例折叠(可调节放平) Rear seats folded in 4/6 ratio (adjustable and flat)
后风窗玻璃电热除霜 Electric defrosting of rear windshield glass
阅读灯 Reading light
行李箱照明灯 Luggage compartment lighting
随车工具(三角警示牌、补胎套件、反光背心) Vehicle tools (warning triangle, tire repair kit, reflective vest)
WindLink 2.0互联网汽车智能系统 WindLink 2.0 Internet Automotive Intelligent System 生态娱乐(酷我音乐、喜马拉雅、天气、流量商城) Energy management (appointment charging, discharge function, dynamic display)
能量管理(预约充电、放电功能、动态展示) Intelligent voice (car control/navigation/music/radio/phone, etc.)
 Vehicle control
智能语音(车控/导航/音乐/电台/电话等) Intelligent voice (car control/navigation/music/radio/phone, etc.)
蓝牙钥匙(钥匙分享、车门解锁/上锁等) Bluetooth keys (key sharing, door unlocking/locking, etc.)
手机APP(一键备车、远程控制车门/车窗、充电管理、能量管理) Mobile app (one click backup, remote control of doors/windows, charging management, energy management)
OTA整车系统在线升级 Online upgrade of OTA vehicle system
V2L 220V对外放电功能 V2L 220V external discharge function
ETC装置 ETC device
其它 other
内饰   搭配
Interior matching
顶棚 Ceiling 针织 knitting
内饰颜色 Interior color 全黑 All black
车身颜色 Body color 端砚黑、陶瓷白
Duan inkstone black, ceramic white
前下护板 Front lower guard board