Picture Story: Life Events Witnessed by Versailles

September 27, 2023
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February 26, 2023, was an extraordinary day for Huang Yansong, as he entered the palace of marriage on this day.

The most special thing is that on this day, a special wave of "witnesses" came, a wedding convoy consisting of six "Versailles C5 X" cars, stunning all family and friends. The enthusiastic support of brothers and "Versailles" made him particularly happy, "This pomp, awesome!," said Huang Yansong

For young people nowadays, using a wedding car is something to be careful about, and choosing a luxury car for wedding has become commonplace. But Huang Yansong said, "I want to make something different, use the Versailles C5 X as a wedding car."

He shared this idea with the confidants of the Dongfeng Citroen 131X family, but unexpectedly it exploded in an instant. Everyone responded positively and expressed support.

The success of the wedding cannot be separated from the wedding procession. Thank you to the brothers of the 131X family in Wuhan, for their infinite touch and full blessings. "Huang Yansong told reporters that" gathering for love "is the slogan of the 131X family, and he hopes to bring romance and touch to others in the future.

The fate of Huang Yansong and Versailles C5 X still started with a billboard. I saw the Versailles C5 X on an advertising screen, and the first time I saw it, I was attracted by the slogan 'undefined, self illuminating'. Coupled with the highly recognizable front face design of this car, it left a deep impression on me, "Huang Yansong recalled.

After in-depth understanding, Huang Yansong discovered that the Versailles C5X is an ultra cost-effective car, equipped with PHC adaptive hydraulic stable shock absorbers throughout the series. It can adjust the damping size according to the road conditions, improve the comfort and smoothness of the vehicle. In addition, with the quality materials of French cars, after the test drive at the 4S store, he believed in his choice more strongly.

A reliable car, a happy home. On weekends and holidays, Huang Yansong takes his wife and pet dog on a self driving trip, taking beautiful photos of them, and the cute dog acts as a "car model" for him.

Driving through mountain bends and unpaved roads, the driving quality of Versailles gave him full confidence. Perhaps before purchasing the car, Huang Yansong had never thought that a Versailles C5 X could bring him so much. This car is not only a means of transportation, but also brought me many unexpected gains, "Huang Yansong said.

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