“Dongfeng.Junfeng” new energy vehicle is tested under severe high temperature

August 14, 2019
(This website is reported by Xiawu Xinjiang): A friend often asks me, have you tested the "Dongfeng Junfeng" new energy vehicle? Take a look at the following record, you will choose Dongfeng New Energy Vehicle.

In the summer of 2019, the hot high temperature made us roast. The staff of Junfeng Motor Co., Ltd. accompanied the test team of Dongfeng Company Technology Center to the Flame Mountain, where it was stable at 45 degrees.

The fifty-ninth chapter of "Journey to the West" tells the story of the Three Kingdoms of Tang Sanzang in the West, and Wu Chengen describes the Flame Mountain: "...there is a flaming mountain, no spring and no autumn, all seasons are hot... eight hundred miles of flame, If you pass the mountain, it is the copper brain cover, the iron body, and it will turn into juice."

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Located on the northern edge of the Turpan Basin in Xinjiang, the Flame Mountain is the hottest place in China. The highest temperature in summer is 47.8 degrees Celsius, and the highest surface temperature is 89 degrees Celsius. But this piece of land that can turn "copper brain cover and iron body into juice" is the preferred site for the company's technical center to conduct high-temperature durability tests.

From July 22nd to August 10th, a hot zone test team consisting of forty or fifty engineers left the family to abandon the high temperature holiday and went to China's “Fire Island” Turpan, 3000 kilometers away from Wuhan, at the foot of the Flame Mountain. Conduct high temperature durability test of automobiles. From a "fire stove" to another "fire stove", the test team is like a group of fighters, the hot sun on the top of the head, the hot Gobi deserted Gobi, the high temperature, the hot summer in the harsh environment, and the serious experiment of each high temperature. Create high quality Dongfeng brand new energy passenger car.
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The more severe the environment, the more it can test the quality of the car, the more problems can be found and the verification can be improved. “Go to the hottest flame mountain in summer and the coldest desert river in winter.” This is the choice of the experimental team to create a quality East Windmill.

Engineers in the whole vehicle test room of the test department are responsible for the durability test of the whole vehicle and components in the hot zone test project. Every morning at 7:00, from the inspection of the vehicle, Fei Shangbao and colleagues opened the day's work. They were driving a test car for 5 hours in the Gobi. After a short break, the vehicle was subjected to a two-hour exposure test at 1 pm, the hottest day of the day in Turpan. The vehicle was then inspected twice and continued for another 5 hours until 8 o'clock in the evening. The "heavy play" of the work has just begun, and the team members should discuss the daytime test of the vehicle and form a detailed daily report to provide reference for the follow-up vehicle improvement test. At rest in the night, it is often more than 1 in the morning.
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During the test period, the average temperature in Turpan during the day was around 42 degrees Celsius, and at the highest time it reached 46 degrees Celsius. The test vehicle had no film and coverings. All the people during the driving period must be with the vehicle to accept the sun's 'baked inspection'. Bao introduced that the most difficult part is the exposure test. The vehicle is exposed to the sun in the open air environment, and the testers have nowhere to hide. One exposure test lasted for 4 hours, the temperature inside the car was as high as 69.6 degrees Celsius, and the temperature of the instrument panel was as high as 93.7 degrees Celsius. The testers did not shrink back. “The extremely hot and high temperature can truly verify the durability and reliability of the vehicle. We need to create safe, reliable and high-quality cars for our customers.”

Hot zone adaptability test, hot zone temperature field test, motor hot zone test, EPS thermal protection test, battery pack temperature change in the natural environment of the battery... In the past more than half a month, Dongfeng has various new energy vehicles and fuel vehicles. The test sample car was in the flame mountain, and completed hundreds of high temperature tests under various working conditions such as high speed, sand and mountain.

In the high temperature, the sword will be built to create a high-quality new energy passenger car for Dongfeng. Dongfeng Junfeng's accompanying personnel and Dongfeng Company's technical center hot zone test team will stick to the scene and challenge the limit, and use the most extreme working conditions to "bake" each performance of the vehicle. We are fully committed to eliminating every problem; they are not afraid of hardships, crafts a good car, and are committed to creating a happy car life for their customers; they are the strugglers and the bearers, they are tested in a tough environment, and they are struggling with passion. the road.
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"After the test, the vehicles that are put on the market will be safely used by the users; after the test, the users can use them with peace of mind. Win the trust of the users with excellent product quality, and conquer the market and win the strength of the Dongfeng brand in the fierce market competition. Better development contributes to our strength. The engineers who participated in the test proudly told reporters.