Dongfeng "Lantu FREE" landed in the Nordic overseas, the first Lantu space opened in Norway

June 15, 2022

"Performance-level smart electric SUV" Lantu FREE has officially debuted overseas when it has been selling well in the Chinese market for nearly a year. On June 11, Norwegian time, Lantu FREE landed in northern Europe for the first time. The first overseas Lantu space in Klingenberggt. 7, Oslo, Oslo, Norway opened simultaneously. Representatives from the Chinese Embassy in Norway and More than 100 guests, including guests from Germany, the Netherlands, and Israel, European media, and overseas users, gathered to witness the opening of Oslo Lantu Space. This also means that Lantu Motors has officially started to compete with international high-end brands in the global market. On the day of the opening, Lantu FREE started pre-ordering simultaneously, and it is expected to start delivery to Norwegian users in the fourth quarter of this year.

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The first overseas Lantu space is located in the center of Oslo, Norway

Lu Fang, CEO & CTO of Lantu Motors, said: "As a high-end new energy brand launched by Dongfeng Motor Group globally, Lantu is committed to bringing products that perfectly integrate driving performance and intelligent technology to the world, and actively shaping the global influence of Chinese brands. The opening of the first Lantu space in northern Europe is the first step for Lantu Auto to enter the global market. Lantu will rely on Dongfeng's strong overseas resources, rely on innovative technologies and business models, continue to deploy overseas markets, and lead a new era for Chinese brands to go overseas. , bringing a new smart electric vehicle experience to global users."

At the opening ceremony of Lantu Space in Oslo, Norway, the famous Norwegian explorer Aleksander Gamme, who once crossed the Antarctic on foot, was the brand ambassador of Lantu in Norway and the first batch of users of Lantu in Norway. Combined with his own car experience, he expressed his appreciation Lantu FREE's favorite: "If you want to take risks and explore, Lantu FREE is the perfect choice. I hope we can all explore the world in a more environmentally friendly way and power up the future!"

Lantu FREE's Nordic design concept and high-quality strength have won praise from overseas users

Lantu FREE is the first model of Lantu Motors to be exported to Europe. This model is highly compatible with the local geographical and climatic environment, environmental protection concept and the demand for high-end electric vehicles in the local market. Norway has the world's highest penetration rate of new energy vehicles, complete supporting infrastructure and great policy support, and has many mountains and cold winters. Lantu FREE has the power advantages comparable to supercars, stable battery performance, and is equipped with an air suspension that can be adjusted up and down 100mm, the whole vehicle is intelligent four-wheel drive, and matches the four driving modes of "economical, comfortable, high-energy, outing", which can be calmly dealt with Various complex road conditions, regardless of driving performance, luxurious comfort configuration or intelligent performance, all meet the travel needs of Norwegian users.

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Dongfeng Lantu FREE debuts in Norway

In the opinion of the Nordic expert team who participated in the test drive evaluation, Lantu FREE is "born for European design", with high appearance and interior decoration, strong interactive experience of the integrated triple-screen liftable, and safe and reliable intelligent assisted driving function. The traditional luxury brand products that carry out electrification "revision" on the basis of fuel vehicles, Lantu FREE has found a differentiated competitive advantage in the Nordic market.

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After the potential users in Norway experienced Lantu FREE, they were deeply impressed by the appearance, interior and intelligent cockpit of Lantu FREE. "The shape and vision of Lantu FREE is amazing, combining elegance, power and technology. The penetrating wing headlights, the front face of Kunpeng's wings and the yacht-style body combine classical elements with modern styles, making the vehicle The temperature full of life, the innovative interpretation form is very in line with the aesthetics of the Norwegian people. I am amazed that its intelligent dimmable panoramic sky screen and one-piece liftable triple screen give technology a sense of temperature and ritual. I like it very much. The TuFREE interior material is OEKO-TEX certified, and this leather wrap is very soft, comfortable and health-friendly.”

After a test drive by a local partner in Norway, they believed that Lantu FREE is very competitive in the European market, "Lantu FREE brings the driving pleasure of an electric vehicle to the driver. Dynamic performance and wind noise performance are excellent; chassis tuning, handling stability, support and comfort surpass that of traditional luxury brands at the same level in Europe."

The first overseas Lantu space opens, integrating Nordic elements and oriental aesthetics

Norway's first Lantu space is located in Klingenberggt. 7, Oslo, in the center of Oslo, Norway. It continues the brand concept of "light, quiet and elegant". The design inspiration comes from the natural culture, lifestyle and unique characteristics of northern Europe. The aurora elements, and Chinese cultural elements such as stone carvings, tea art, pine trees, etc., are integrated with oriental aesthetics and pioneering technology, creating a warm technological space. The design team pays homage to nature, through the elegant stepped design, carefully arranged lighting and sound field, rendering the beautiful aurora special effects. When users are in the Norwegian Lantu space, they are like walking in the mountains of nature, with an all-round immersive car buying experience.

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Norwegian explorer Aleksander Gamme as Lantu FREE Norway promotion ambassador

Liang Zhijun, First Secretary of the Chinese Embassy in Norway, said, "China's electric vehicle industry has a leading edge in the world. It is very wise for Lantu to choose the Norwegian market as the first stop to go overseas. It has seized the opportunity of Norway's electrification to be at the forefront of the world, and it has also demonstrated The confidence and strength of Chinese brand cars to participate in global competition."

Lantu's entry into the Norwegian market plays an important role in leading the national brand upward. Lantu FREE will also continue to give Norwegian users a better car experience with its excellent new energy product strength. Entering the Norwegian market is only the first step for Lantu to go to Europe. In the future, Lantu will gradually enter other European countries, and gradually enrich its overseas product layout, continuously improve product experience and user services, and promote Chinese brands to continue to grow and go global.

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