"Dongfeng Motor" 163 plan and brand strategy

September 17, 2019

On January 15, 2019, Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. announced the “163 Multiplication Plan”. Today, Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. will officially release the brand strategy of Huanxin.

As the main body of “Dongfeng.Junfeng” new energy vehicle, the release of new product strategy is particularly interesting, and Junfeng Motor Company has sent witnesses.

As a domestic influential light vehicle manufacturer and seller, this year, Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. ushered in its 20th anniversary. Twenty years of hard work, 20 years of spring and autumn, along with the development of the company, the brand strategy of Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. has been continuously upgraded, from the scale strategy of the leading industry in the initial stage to the cost control strategy in the transition period, to the quality improvement strategy in the rising period. In the next five years, the market strategy of the “163-fold increase plan” for the new medium-term business, and the smart logistics strategy for the future, the brand building will always be symbiotic with the company.

Nowadays, with the trend of “five-cut” (lightweight, electric, intelligent, networked, and shared) in the automotive industry, Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. will release the brand strategy of Huanxin, and promote the transformation and upgrading of brand building for the next 20 years. .

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Mainly responsible for the mission of Dongfeng Light Vehicle, writing a new chapter in the development of independent brands

On July 15, 1999, Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. was founded with the transition of China's market economic system. On July 27 of the same year, Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. (stock code 600006) was successfully listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Since then, Dongfeng Motor Group has shouldered the heavy responsibility of the development of the Dongfeng Company's light-duty vehicle business and has been running forward.

Backed by Dongfeng Motor Co., Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. quickly opened the light truck market. From 1999 to 2015, in the face of changes in the market, Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. experienced both sales peaks and transformational adjustments. Beginning in 2016, Dongfeng Motor Co., which focuses on the main business, has regained the “rhythm” and proposed to adhere to the customer-centered quality improvement strategy. The whole value chain takes the road of quality and efficiency development and is committed to becoming a leading light vehicle company with customer experience. .

Since then, in the face of fierce market competition, Dongfeng Motor Co., through strategic adjustment, reform and innovation, customer-centric, and continuously improve product quality, system competitiveness has been continuously enhanced, and business development has continuously made new breakthroughs, gradually growing into domestic light trucks and light passengers. A leader in the field of light commercial vehicles. In 2017, the sales volume of Dongfeng Motor's headquarters exceeded 140,000 units, a year-on-year increase of 28.5%, which led the industry. In 2018, the annual sales volume of Dongfeng Light Truck, the main business, exceeded 100,000 units, up 9% year-on-year. The 100,000 platform further established Dongfeng's market position in the field of light commercial vehicles.

Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd., which inherits 50 years of truck technology from Dongfeng Company, relies on the development of Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd., the strongest joint venture of Dongfeng Company, under the guidance of the “TRIPLE ONE” new five-year plan issued by Dongfeng Limited in 2018. Nissan's management system and manufacturing technology have greatly improved the quality of its operations and product quality. It is currently working towards becoming the Nissan-Renault-Mitsubishi Lightweight Global Capability Center. It is expected to become the global Nissan-Renault-Mitsubishi Alliance by 2020. The only light card development and manufacturing base.

On January 8, 2019, the 3 millionth light vehicle of Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. was off the assembly line at Dongyang Company's Xiangyang base. This is another milestone that Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. ushered in after its cumulative 1 million vehicles in 2009.

On January 15, 2019, Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd., which actively changed and broke through, officially released the “163 Multiplication Plan” in Wuhan, in which “1” represents DFAC will reach the quality of LCV (light commercial vehicle) industry; 6” represents a breakthrough in the six directions surrounding the market strategy; “3” represents the goal of completing an annual sales of 300,000 vehicles by 2023. Facing the era of stock competition, facing the development of the next five years, Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. reviewed the situation and proposed a market strategy centered on the “163 multiplication plan”.

Under the guidance of the “163 Multiplication Plan”, the quality of Dongfeng Motor's shareholding business continued to improve. From January to August of 2019, the total vehicle sales of Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. exceeded 100,000 units, an increase of 11.5%.

The 20-year history is magnificent. In the fierce market competition environment, as a listed company, Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. has been changing and is struggling to advance in full market competition. Today, Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. has provoked the heavy responsibility of the Dongfeng Company's light-duty vehicle business, and embraced the dream of developing and strengthening its own brand.

As the industry observers have said, in just 20 years, Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd., which is just as good as youth, has written a cadastral chapter of Dongfeng’s own brand development with Dongfeng spirit, and has also become a model of struggle in the Chinese light-duty vehicle industry.

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Looking forward to the future of smart industry, deploying a new ecosystem of smart logistics

The era of economic globalization, informationization, and sharing has arrived. The “five-oriented” trend in the automotive industry has brought about new changes, and the travel pattern and logistics ecology are being reconstructed.

Since 2010, Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. has taken the three important instructions of “transforming the development model, mastering the core technology and developing new energy” as the guiding direction when General Secretary Xi Jinping visited the new energy position of Dongfeng Motor Co., and focused on developing the smart car industry. In recent years, Dongfeng Motor's new energy vehicle business has achieved leap-forward development, forming a complete system of R&D, manufacturing and operation management. The products cover all types of new energy passenger cars, logistics vehicles, passenger cars, boxes and other vehicles, new energy. Automobile sales have become the main force of Dongfeng's new energy vehicle sales. In the field of pure electric commercial vehicles, the market share of Dongfeng Motor has been in the first camp.

In May 2017, Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. established a new new energy business unit and entered the fast lane of developing new energy vehicles. In 2019, Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. established the Intelligent Networking Department of the Commodity R&D Institute, which showed the courage and confidence to face the future technology and attach importance to industrial transformation.

Looking forward to the future, the industrial revolution and the advent of the 5G wave, let Dongfeng Motor Group put its eyes on the longer-term future, besides thinking about the "fighting technique" in the era of stock competition. On March 15, 2019, Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. held the launching meeting of the intelligent network connection business plan, signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with the National Internet Information Security Emergency Center and Boyun Times, and the three parties worked together to create the most secure intelligent networked car. On April 2nd of the same year, Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd., under the background of the strategic cooperation framework agreement between Dongfeng Company and the People’s Government of Huyang City and Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. of Hubei Province, signed the “Zhihang Longzhong” project as the main partner of Dongfeng’s light vehicle business. The “Zhihang Longzhong” project will be promoted from the “Smart Vehicle Development, Vehicle Network Platform Construction & Operation” and the Intelligent Networking Business Plan will be implemented.

As the main player of the wisdom logistics in the “Zhihang Longzhong” project, Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. will face the diversified industrial development needs, relying on intelligent network and auto-driving technology, through smart vehicle development, and the construction and operation of the vehicle networking platform. The Zhixing Longzhong project will realize the refined management of logistics, improve the utilization efficiency, and finally realize the customized, efficient and unmanned operation layout of the whole value chain, create a smart logistics ecosystem of the city, and realize its own “product+” Service" transformation. Based on the existing platform and T-BOX, Dongfeng Motor will realize the data transmission and analysis functions through the Internet of Vehicles platform, enhance the value of the vehicle while satisfying the needs of customers, and continue to promote the development of smart vehicles.

It is reported that at the launching ceremony of Dongfeng Motor's Huanxin brand strategy, the “Sharing Box Smart Logistics Platform” will be launched for the first time. Sharing Box adopts intelligent cutting-edge technology, which will be combined with scenarios to provide smart logistics cooperation solutions to create a city smart logistics ecosystem.

In the 20 years of hard work, Dongfeng Motor has never forgotten its corporate social responsibility. In the cause of public welfare, precision poverty alleviation and environmental protection, Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. actively cooperates with its partners to achieve harmonious symbiosis with society.

2019 is the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China and the 50th anniversary of Dongfeng's construction. It is also the year when Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. is 20 years old. Summarizing the past and looking forward to the future, on September 17, 2019, Dongfeng Motor's Huaxin brand strategy conference held in Wuhan, China will focus on the brand value system of Dongfeng Light Vehicles, the release of six major product brands, the release of B19 products, and Sharing. The Box Smart Logistics Platform was launched and the brand strategy of Dongfeng Motor's shares was fully upgraded.

Hope and future

Dongfeng Motor's new product strategy is a major component of Dongfeng Group's future strategy and a locomotive for implementing the “Dongfeng.Junfeng” smart and new energy vehicle strategy. Junfeng Motor will follow closely and head for the future!