Dongfeng New Energy Vehicle will be the top three in China in the next five years

November 28, 2018

 (Dongfeng Motor News, November 28th news): In the golden autumn season, the fruit is fragrant. The company’s fourth “Lungzhong Pair” since the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” – the 2018 Strategy Seminar was held from November 1st to 4th. The company's external directors, company leaders, functional departments and principal business unit leaders and other representatives attended 114, and 251 internal experts went to XiangYang to discuss and seek common development.

This symposium was held against the background of the company's in-depth implementation of the spirit of the Ninth Party Congress. It was also held against the background of the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” entering the second half and the major changes in the automobile industry environment. Today, the external environment for the development of the automotive industry has undergone profound changes. The international trade environment has changed dramatically. The automobile market has experienced slight growth and even negative growth. The technology development and business model have evolved rapidly. The industrial policy has been further opened. The company's development is facing increasingly fierce market competition and severe external challenges.

Not afraid of the clouds to cover the eyes, the clouds and clouds are still calm. The ninth party congress of the company portrayed the grand blueprint of “building an excellent east wind and opening a new journey for the development of world-class enterprises”, and clarified that it will strive to achieve the “three leading, one leading” development goals in the next five years. This is a new era. Dongfeng dream! The blueprint has been drawn, and the future is full of opportunities and challenges. How to transform the strategic deployment of the company's ninth party congress into a concrete and implementable development plan for the company in the next five years is the main task of this strategic seminar.

Taking the timeline apart, we saw that starting in 2015, the company held three strategic seminars in succession with the theme of “13th Five-Year Plan”, “Four Challenges” and “Five Strategies”. By bringing together the wisdom of the group, we will lead the construction of excellence by carefully planning the “good planning”. In the past three years, the core capabilities of the product platform, technology, core powertrain and electronic architecture of the self-owned passenger vehicles have been improved and improved; the business layout, core assembly control, organizational optimization, and profitability improvement of commercial vehicles have been evident. The effect; the industrialization layout of the “three powers” of new energy vehicles has been basically implemented; strengthen the initiative to lead and strengthen the partnership, and create favorable conditions for the development of the joint venture company; deepen reform and innovation, reform the auxiliary industry, and basically solve the problems left over from history.

The risky beaches and the more rapids, each journey has different scenery, and they all face different challenges. This strategy seminar is based on the theme of “Dream, Challenge, New Journey” and is linked to the previous three strategic seminars. The company attaches great importance to this seminar and holds several seminars to discuss the program and promote its implementation.

Based on the experience of the three previous strategic seminars, this strategic seminar presented new highlights. First of all, in the discussion content around the 18MTP goals and seven key policy discussions, more prominent specific action plans in various fields; Second, the company leaders personally coached, mobilized the strength of various fields to do a large number of full preliminary research, seven special projects The topics are personally grasped and personally spoken by the company's leaders. Third, we must adhere to the principle of seeking truth and being pragmatic and problem-oriented, face challenges, work together, and discuss thoroughly.

This seminar has gathered the wisdom of everyone and achieved a series of important results.

First, the meeting identified an overall roadmap for achieving the strategic goals of a world-class enterprise. By 2020, lay a foundation for excellence in business; by 2023, build a domestically superior enterprise, the measurement standard is "three leading, one leading"; by 2025, to consolidate the foundation of global competitiveness; by 2035, become a globally competitive A world-class company.

Second, the meeting clarified the "three leading, one leading" standard. The “leading industry” must meet the requirements of the top three in the industry. Among them, the company's overall scale is the second largest in the industry, the commercial vehicle industry is the first, the top three in the independent passenger vehicle industry, and the top three in the new energy vehicle industry. The “one lead” main evaluation indicator is employee satisfaction, and for the first time, it is clearly measured from eight dimensions, so that Dongfeng people take the lead in enjoying the beautiful life of the new era with more connotation and quality. These eight dimensions are: freedom under law, discipline, and institutional framework; dignity; wealth of enjoyment of freedom and dignity; a preferred professional work and environment; education and training system accompanying career growth; health and wellness protection System; family harmony; heart and so on.

Third, the meeting conducted a comprehensive analysis of the necessity, possibility and challenge of the company's development goals for the next five years, and proposed the goal of 5.6 million vehicles and 6 million vehicles in the next five years. Judging from the industry situation, although the challenge is huge, in the face of challenges, Dongfeng has no choice but to fight back.

Fourth, the conference discussed and refined seven key policy and action plans. Accelerate the development of self-occupied vehicles, convert the core capabilities of independent passenger vehicles into market competitiveness, form a rapid development acceleration; create new leading advantages of commercial vehicles, realize the transformation and innovation of commercial vehicles; promote the healthy development of joint venture passenger car business To achieve double improvement in income level and market share; accelerate the development of new energy vehicles and reach the industry leading level; strategically deploy intelligent network and travel services; further deepen reform, foster innovation and development vitality, and lay the institutional and institutional foundation for building world-class enterprises; Building an excellent Dongfeng management system to achieve a significant improvement in the overall efficiency of the Group. In addition, this seminar also focused on strengthening the ability to “guarantee implementation” and support the company's high-quality development through high-quality party building.

Fifth, new achievements have been made in commodity evaluation and benchmarking. Commodity evaluation and benchmarking are important issues of the strategy seminar. Professionals and participating leaders conducted a one-day test drive and evaluation benchmarking activities, further improved the method and indicator system of commodity evaluation, and strengthened the Cognition and actual feelings. Through product evaluation and benchmarking, we have not only seen our advantages, but also identified shortcomings and shortcomings, and formed a number of improvement issues and actions in the field of commodities and marketing.

Towards a new era and opening a new journey, this strategic seminar has further unified everyone's thinking. Yan Yanfeng, chairman of the company and secretary of the party committee, stressed that under the guidance of the strategy, the company should strengthen its responsibility and implement it, and strive to promote the building of excellence in Dongfeng. It is necessary to profoundly understand and grasp the development trend of the industry, enhance the sense of crisis, urgency and sense of responsibility, and unswervingly promote transformation and upgrading. We must strengthen our confidence and implement it. The more challenging we are, the more we test our confidence. After the first half of the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan", the company's overall strategy is more clear, the action plan and implementation methods are further clarified, the path to achieve the goal is also clearer, the core competence is continuously accumulated, and the foundation of the market force is more solid. To improve the quality of work, leading cadres at all levels must promote and implement strategic issues with high-quality work, and implement them in a down-to-earth manner.

Let's start again in the new era, let us ride the mighty east wind, save our dreams, and not fear the challenges, and realize the grand blueprint together in the new journey.