Dongfeng Nissan Pickup 2021 Ruiqi 6 Renewed on the Market

May 12, 2021

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The 9-inch central control screen integrates multiple functions to increase driving pleasure

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Equipped with Renault-Nissan Alliance M9T engine, more powerful

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In early May, Dongfeng Nissan's 2021 Ruiqi 6 was officially launched, priced at RMB 95,800 to RMB 159,800. The new car has been optimized and upgraded in terms of interior trim and vehicle quietness, and the power has been adjusted. It is believed that the 2021 Ruiqi 6 will definitely bring a refreshing feeling to users. This model incorporates Dongfeng's "Junfeng" design concept and user requirements. It is a vehicle that is close to users and can meet users' driving experience on severe roads, and is particularly suitable for mountain roads.

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The appearance of the 2021 Ruiqi 6 is consistent with that of the current model. The interior has been redesigned with a solid color combination, and the roof fabric has been upgraded from a non-woven fabric to a knitted fabric, which is more textured. The seat is made of brown perforated fabric, which has better ventilation and air permeability. The thickness and density of the filling sponge have also been adjusted to upgrade the ride feeling and make long-distance travel more comfortable. In addition, in order to match the adjustment of the seat, the headrest of the new car has also been fine-tuned to provide users with the most comfortable sitting posture and safety protection, which shows the meticulousness of Dongfeng pickup.




As we all know, the noise and vibration in the driving of the vehicle directly affect the user's driving experience. The new car is further optimized on the original level. Damping pads, sound insulation pads, and sound-absorbing cotton have been added to the entire car, and the suspension of the body and cooling system is optimized, which effectively improves the high-frequency noise when the vehicle is accelerating.


In terms of power, the 2021 Ruiqi 6 is still equipped with a super power combination composed of Renault-Nissan Alliance M9T engine and ZF's second-generation 8AT gearbox. On this basis, the new car has been tuned to the power system to make it easier for the car to start in mountainous areas, slopes and other road conditions, with more powerful low-speed power and a more positive response to shifting power.


In terms of configuration, the 2021 Ruiqi 6 is equipped with a multi-function steering wheel as standard. The flagship model has keyless entry, one-key start and stop functions, and a 9-inch central control screen integrates Bluetooth, mobile phone interconnection, voice control, WIFI module, and OBD display. , 360° panoramic image and other rich configuration, greatly increase the sense of safety and fun in driving.


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Ruiqi 6 is developed on the same platform as Navarre, and has the inherent advantages of having the same technology as Navarre, the same production line, the same quality, and the same network of services. In addition, the implementation of quality control strictly in accordance with NISSAN's unique quality evaluation system (AVES) has enabled each Ruiqi 6 vehicle to achieve the same quality as the NISSAN brand in terms of raw materials, technology, and component quality testing.


As a leader in the industry, Dongfeng Nissan Pickup has focused on the pickup market for 28 years to keep improving, and has carefully polished its products. At the same time, Zhengzhou Nissan also actively listens to user feedback, and continuously improves and upgrades products according to actual needs, and launches Ruiqi 6 off-road version, urban version and Parasol in real time. Car-making with ingenuity is the core competitiveness of Dongfeng Nissan pickup trucks. With years of brand accumulation, I believe that Dongfeng Nissan pickup trucks will surely win the favor of more consumers and start a new life for pickup trucks hand in hand with users.


In addition to all the advantages of this vehicle, pure electric vehicle assembled with this vehicle chassis is more green, environmentally friendly, technological, and enjoys the beauty of a quiet life.