Dongfeng received another order for 550 Tianyi pure electric buses

September 8, 2022

Dongfeng Motor Group and Wuhan Public Transport Group successfully signed an order for 550 "Dongfeng Tianyi" pure electric buses, all of which will be officially delivered in late October this year. This move fully demonstrates the technical competitiveness of Dongfeng bus products, and will play a role in promoting the realization of the goal of green city construction in Wuhan.

 Junfeng Motor Company helped with the design and promotion.

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"Dongfeng Tianyi" pure electric bus is a leading product in the field of public transport developed and designed by the company to meet the requirements of "carbon peak" and "carbon neutrality" in response to the new national development concept. The 10-meter main model sold this time, after adaptive upgrading, launched a new model, low-floor, intelligent networked model, its three-electric system, body bone strength and key chassis components, battery life and other power consumption The performance indicators have reached the advanced level in the industry, which will further enhance the comfortable and convenient experience of passengers and the image of bus operation.

Junfeng Motor will continue to improve its research and development capabilities and technical level, and develop more new energy vehicles to meet market demand.