Epidemic urges companies to consider business changes

February 2, 2020

 (Reported by Xiawu Wuhan): Today, the ninth day of the first month, the company goes to work.


A well-known new type of coronavirus epidemic that covers the Chinese mainland and spreads across the globe. The headquarters of the company is located in Wuhan. Many employees are trapped in their homes. A peaceful Spring Festival was attacked by the epidemic. People stayed at home. All social interaction stopped. They could n’t go out to buy daily necessities. The delivery brothers were few. Time is postponed in accordance with national regulations. However, remote Internet work at home can still work normally.


In the morning, the company held a video discussion with the participation of relevant leaders and technicians to discuss in depth the impact of the epidemic on the company's future business and its response measures. Everyone thinks that the business plan of smart new energy vehicles and driverless technology proposed by the company in the 2019 strategic plan will definitely arrive in advance. The driverless scenario can meet the urban logistics distribution in the current epidemic situation, and solve people's urgent needs; In the future, labor costs will gradually rise and be extremely expensive. Intelligent unmanned vehicles can solve urban travel problems, emergency treatment and logistics and distribution issues. To this end, the company must arrange effective resources in advance, increase the control of core technologies, seek demonstration areas to promote verification and demonstration operations, and integrate intelligent driverless technology with new energy vehicles to meet the needs of social development. .


The epidemic brought disaster to people, but also promoted social change. The company will seize the window of change in a special period to improve the company's market adaptability. We believe that in the future, the intelligent and new energy vehicles developed by "Junfeng Motor" will make great contributions to humanity.

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