Group dynamics: wind from the east sows in spring and harvests in autumn

September 27, 2021
      (Reporter from this website): On September 26, at the opening ceremony of the "2021 Dongfeng Motor Brand Autumn Conference and the 6th Science and Technology Innovation Week", Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Dongfeng Company") announced the "14th The Five" plan initiated a series of strategic actions. From the goals, tasks and actions during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period to the industrial ecosystem built with strategic partners, from the pioneering trial of the "Kunyue" ecological brand of commercial vehicles to the comprehensive "star-core leap" of digital R&D, one Zhang's blueprint for anchoring the "14th Five-Year Plan" and becoming a technology-based enterprise has been slowly unfolded, and he has been steadily rushing towards excellence and first-class. The time has come for technological transformation, and Dongfeng’s "14th Five-Year Plan" builds a new blueprint. At the opening ceremony, "Dongfeng Company’s "14th Five-Year Plan"" was officially released. As the "national team" of the automotive industry, Dongfeng will fully, accurately and fully implement the new development concept based on the new development stage, integrate and serve the new development pattern, with high-quality development as the theme, and center on the two strategies of green, low-carbon and digital intelligence. Direction, highlighting the four strategic tasks of independent development, deepening reform, strengthening coordination, and innovation-driven, enhancing vehicle business, strengthening the technology sector, expanding the service ecosystem, and constantly empowering consumers with a better car life through technological innovation, and making the company sustainable. Quality operations give back to shareholders, employees and society. The goals of the "14th Five-Year Plan" are also clear simultaneously, that is, on the premise of decisively winning the outstanding Dongfeng construction and realizing the "three leading and one leading", the development of Dongfeng's business will be further promoted to a new height, in order to build a world-class with global competitiveness. The enterprise lays a solid foundation. Specifically, "six new and one enhancement", that is, the quality of management has reached a new level, the independent business has achieved new breakthroughs, the new business has built new advantages, the core competence has been newly improved, the business layout has been optimized, and the co-creation and sharing have reached a new level. Leadership and party building have been comprehensively strengthened. Among them, the comprehensive market share reaches more than 16%, the main commercial vehicle companies build high-quality industry TOP1 companies, the main independent passenger vehicle companies rank first in the industry, and the operating income of strategic emerging businesses reaches 30% of the group's total revenue. above……

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Zhu Yanfeng, Chairman and Secretary of the Party Committee of Dongfeng Company, released the "Fourteenth Five-Year Plan of Dongfeng Company"

To this end, Dongfeng will build a business structure that integrates development of "one main body and two wings", with "one main body" as the whole vehicle business, and "two wings" as the technology sector and service ecology. "Using the'one master' as the carrier to lead and promote the development of the'two wings', and use the development of the'two wings' to enhance the development level of the'one master', realize a virtuous circle, consolidate the foundation for enterprise development, and accelerate the transformation to an excellent technology company." Dongfeng Zhu Yanfeng, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Secretary of the Party Committee, emphasized. Focus on the complete vehicle business, deepen the transformation of the commercial vehicle business, further extend the value chain, and achieve a simultaneous increase in quality, efficiency and market share. New layout of high-end heavy-duty truck "Snapdragon" projects, etc., build 4 electric platforms for medium and heavy trucks, light trucks, VAN cars, and pickup trucks; promote the transformation and upgrading of autonomous passenger car business, build DSMA energy-saving vehicle platforms, and S1, S2, S3 4 pure electric platforms including MORV and MORV. Lantu builds a new energy benchmark enterprise with production and sales of 200,000 vehicles, and establishes the image of a high-end leader of the Dongfeng New Energy brand; M business has become a leader in advocating high-end electric off-road culture; Dongfeng Fengshen adheres to the brand concept of "Technology Driving Fun", and production and sales reach 400,000 vehicles have become the breakthrough and main force in the electrification transformation of Dongfeng's autonomous passenger vehicle business. The joint venture passenger vehicle business consolidates the production and sales scale of Dongfeng Nissan's million-scale production and sales, promotes Dongfeng Honda's high-quality over the million-scale level, forms two million-scale joint venture business units, and promotes the sustainable development of Shenlong.

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Lantu FREE self-driving vehicles unveiled at the 2021 Dongfeng Motor brand autumn conference

In the science and technology sector, efforts are being made to improve the level of sources of scientific and technological innovation. Create "Longqing" and "Mach" green low-carbon power brands. Accelerate the control of new energy core technologies and resources, and focus on the deployment of new energy vehicle sharing platforms, electronic architectures, and hydrogen energy products. Carry out cooperation on power lithium battery cells and fuel cell resources, study core technologies such as next-generation power batteries and forward-looking resource layout, and promote product commercial operation. Create industry-leading intelligent connected products. The adoption rate of new cars with Internet of Vehicles technology has increased to more than 80%. In terms of intelligent driving technology, a gradual and leaping technological route is adopted in parallel, the penetration rate of L2-L3 new cars has increased to more than 50%, and the L4 intelligent driving cars have achieved large-scale demonstration operations. Build a three-network integration system of vehicle cloud network, vehicle intranet, and vehicle network to promote the integration of "people-vehicle-road-network-cloud" information to realize collaborative smart transportation and high-level autonomous driving applications. In terms of service ecology, we will build new industries, new business formats, and new models to promote the Dongfeng's transformation to "products + services". Focusing on “serving people”, “serving cars”, and “serving the lives of car owners”, build a user service ecosystem for the entire life cycle of automobiles; increase the scale of T3 travel business and strive to become the country's first B2C model in the travel industry. Provide an overall solution for autonomous driving smart logistics, explore new modes of smart travel and smart logistics; provide "rechargeable, replaceable and upgradeable" energy solutions, improve the construction of charging and replacement infrastructure, and build an energy ecosystem with strategic partners, etc., Build a full-stack smart energy service ecosystem; build a financial service system that serves the entire industry chain through the overall layout and coordination of auto finance, supply chain finance, corporate finance, and insurance business. Zhu Yanfeng stated that in order to ensure the realization of key actions and measures, during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, Dongfeng will continue to strengthen the construction of core capabilities and accelerate the construction of strong market insight and technological innovation capabilities, marketing capabilities, brand power, digital capabilities, and green smart manufacturing capabilities. , Modern corporate governance capabilities. In terms of improving market insights and technological innovation capabilities, during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, Dongfeng Company’s R&D investment reached 100 billion yuan, and its own brand R&D investment intensity was not less than 6%, focusing on strengthening styling capabilities, new energy intelligent network testing capabilities, Software technology and software engineering capacity building. Zhu Yanfeng further pointed out that for the implementation of the "14th Five-Year Plan", talent protection is also particularly critical. By the end of the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the proportion of scientific and technological talents in Dongfeng Company has increased to about one-fifth, the scale of five-chemical talents has doubled, accounting for one-third of the proportion of scientific and technological talents, and a batch of TOP30 talents in the industry has been cultivated.

Open and co-creation, the situation has come true, five major strategic cooperation to compete for a new track

At present, the trend of integrated development of the automobile industry is deeply evolving, and the industrial ecology of "five transformations into one vehicle" and "one vehicle connected to four networks" is taking shape. At the opening ceremony, Huang Wei, Director and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Dongfeng Company, announced five strategic cooperations to accelerate the development of new energy vehicles and intelligent driving.

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Five strategic cooperation signing ceremony

Focusing on battery leasing, operation, big data analysis and management, technical services and battery echelon utilization business, Dongfeng, China FAW, China Three Gorges, and Wuhan Economic Development Zone jointly invested 800 million yuan to form a battery management technology company. In the next five years, the cumulative total investment scale is expected to reach more than 10 billion yuan. Through battery management and storage, charging, and replacement of power stations, a new energy energy management system will be built, and the establishment of a unified national power replacement standard will be promoted. The Dongfeng Autopilot Pilot Project, which has been launched for nearly a year, has yet another breakthrough. With a total R&D investment of more than 1 billion, the project is led by Dongfeng Company and Wuhan Development Zone, with Wuhan Development Zone as the core, radiating to key areas of Wuhan, and building the largest domestic and even global automation system with the most abundant scenarios, the most advanced technology and the largest scale. Driving demonstration operation platform. Based on the launch of 60 autonomous vehicles in the first phase of the project, with a test mileage of more than 1 million kilometers, the second phase of the project was officially launched. In the next two years, no less than 200 autonomous vehicles will be gradually launched and expanded to key areas in Wuhan Carry out large-scale demonstration operations. In the next five years, the scale of the core industry of intelligent network will reach 10 billion yuan, and the scale of related industries will reach 100 billion yuan. In the field of automotive chips and intelligent driving, Dongfeng has reached a strategic cooperation with China Xinke. The two parties will focus on four areas, including automotive chips, smart driving, communication infrastructure, and demonstration operations, to empower smart cars. At the same time, the two parties will play the role of the "chain leader" of central enterprises, and will focus on automotive MCU chips to jointly build a joint automotive chip laboratory to promote the deployment of automotive-grade MCU chips in Wuhan. Dongfeng Company and Songshan Lake Laboratory reached a strategic cooperation, and the two parties established a joint laboratory. Carry out subject research, technical cooperation and promotion under the framework of the joint laboratory. The joint laboratory will start early research on "High-strength and tough light alloy lightweight technology application research", "Porous ceramic flameless combustion technology application research", "magnetic functional materials and sensor development" and other research. At the same time, in order to promote independent innovation and the control of core technologies in China’s automobile industry, Dongfeng Company and Wuhan University of Technology jointly established an advanced materials joint laboratory to create a technical work platform for advanced materials application research and achievement transformation, and promote the application of scientific research results, business development and skill improved. The first batch of cooperation projects of the joint laboratory focused on the application needs of new technologies and new materials for Dongfeng's high-end electric brand "Lantu", and carried out 7 research projects to empower China's independent brands to develop upward.

 Smart logistics has begun, and Dongfeng commercial vehicle ecological brand "Kunyue" emerges in response to the trend

  Independent Dongfeng, innovative engine. In response to the logistics industry's demand for green, low-carbon, smart, safe and efficient vehicles, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle delivered more than 2,000 pure electric medium and heavy trucks, ranking first in the industry in cumulative delivery; hydrogen-fueled medium and heavy trucks were delivered in batches in Xiong'an, Beijing, Tianjin and other places ; L4 level unmanned trucks have been put into demonstration operations in ports, etc. Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle has opened a stage in creating outstanding products with green wisdom, high performance and high value for users. More than that, new business formats bring new demands, and the ecological brand "Kunyue" emerges in response to the trend. "Our understanding of the current industry needs is five "multiple", multi-use scenarios, multi-energy routes, multi-level intelligence, multi-partners, and multi-demand models." said Wang Wei, general manager of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd., this release "Kunyue" means "Kunpeng jumps and gallops thousands of miles", which embodies innovation and transcendence. Adhering to the ecological development concept of "openness, collaboration, and win-win", Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle will create a series of "green and smart logistics solution packages" according to different scenarios, and release the first batch of "integrated solutions for power exchange logistics" and " The overall solution of L4 Smart Port".

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Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle releases ecological brand "Kunyue"

Driven by the upgrading of power battery technology and the innovation of business models, the marketization of swappable heavy-duty trucks is accelerating. Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle has delivered swappable heavy-duty trucks to users in multiple batches. "Currently, we recommend electricity exchange logistics solutions to five scenarios with high-frequency short-circuit characteristics, such as highway short-distance, field short-circuit, port short-circuit, urban construction muck, and urban construction mixing." Wang Wei said. Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle can provide a non-powered battery chassis, an overall vehicle plan, and an overall operation plan for battery exchange logistics in response to the demands of different partners and users. At the same time, according to the different needs of users, it provides a free experience, 5-10 small-batch charging, and 50-100 large-scale power exchange solutions. In the view of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles, the best landing scenario for L4 intelligent vehicles is horizontal logistics and transportation in closed areas. For this reason, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles has built a pure electric, no-cab L4 intelligent unmanned truck, and cooperated with partners to provide Port users provide the "L4 Smart Port Total Solution" including smart vehicles, vehicle management platforms, vehicle-road coordination, communication base stations, and operation support services. This program can be said to be the ultimate solution for zero-emission, unmanned, high-efficiency, and low-cost port horizontal logistics.

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Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles unveiled at the 2021 Dongfeng Motor Brand Autumn Conference

  In the future, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle will gradually launch a series of solution packages such as smart high-speed logistics, green smart mines, green smart parks, and green smart municipal administration, to make new roads for green and smart logistics.

 Digital drive, the future is here, and the digitalization of R&D will achieve the "star nucleus transition"

It is not only the scene-based implementation of commercial vehicles, but also the leap forward in the two major areas of new energy and intelligent driving. The application and innovation of digital technology are becoming more and more important. "During the '14th Five-Year Plan' period, R&D digitalization will focus on the strategic goal of building a smart brain for R&D and mastering core capabilities independently, and make efforts in emerging fields such as digital bases, cloudification, and Internet of Vehicles to achieve a comprehensive star-nuclear transition." Dongfeng Technology Center Tan Minqiang, secretary and director of the party committee, said.

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Tan Minqiang, Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of Dongfeng Technology Center, releases R&D digitalization

He pointed out that Dongfeng will adopt the four-hearted development policy of “focusing on users at the center, grasping data at the core, inspiring innovation with wisdom, and striving for self-improvement with confidence”, and implement the three-vertical strategic measures of digital products, business, and ecology, with technology platforms and network security. , The three-horizontal strategic support of the digital system, to build an intelligent full-stack self-developed wisdom center. In the field of digital products, smart cockpit WindLink, smart driving, and vehicle operating systems have been launched one after another. "WindLink" will be upgraded from a smart car brand to a smart cockpit global brand, creating a full-scene and coherent cockpit experience for users. The core algorithm of L4 intelligent driving has been independently mastered, and a complete forward development process and evaluation system have been constructed. In the future, it will realize the analysis of tens of millions of public road scenes and 100,000-level driving habits and style data of drivers. In terms of the operating system for the soul of the smart car, in addition to realizing the decoupling of software and hardware, it will also create a new software development model with soft and soft decoupling, and build a compatible and inclusive developer ecosystem.

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Dongfeng Fengshen on-site exhibition car

    In the field of digital business, Dongfeng will fully implement cloud design, focusing on breakthroughs in the four business areas of performance, modeling, software, and simulation verification. At the same time, efforts are being made to build a decision center and command center on the cloud, through a unified data center and business center, to achieve customized services for thousands of people at different levels and in different fields. In addition, full-stack big data self-research capabilities have been formed, and in the future, it will focus on business enterprise research and development, manufacturing, aftermarket and other fields. In the field of digital ecological construction, around the three service cycles of people, cars and life, provide users with the ultimate product and service experience. Focus on people, serve people, and derive service value chains; use digital technology to empower automotive products to be intelligent and networked; use cars as carriers to maximize consumer demand and turn cars into mobile smart terminals, anytime, anywhere Experience "live and work". In Dongfeng, digital products, digital services, and digital ecology are collectively referred to as "surging winds". At the same time as product digitization, business cloudification, and digital ecology, Dongfeng will also establish a digital technology platform-Starcore Zhilian. The digital agile development model integrated with terminal and cloud, carrying digital application scenarios, and promoting the construction of data center and service center, centering on the typical characteristics of extremely intelligent service, extremely intelligent experience, unlimited access, and unlimited computing power, through continuous iteration and upgrade, To form a digital brand of "Star Core Intelligence" and open it to users, developers, and ecological service providers. In terms of the layout of vehicle information security, build a security trust center, a security testing center, and a security operation and maintenance centerAnd the whole life cycle safety management system of the whole vehicle, named "Starcore Zhian". Carry out vehicle networking information security management and control from the entire life cycle of vehicle research and development, testing, production, and operation, establish a closed-loop security management response mechanism, and create a safe travel shield for users of intelligent networked vehicles. Talent, organization and cultural construction are the system support for digital transformation. A digital talent echelon combining professional “hardware” talents and “software” talents who understand users, a platform and flat organization established with the goal of agility, efficiency, and innovation, and the penetration of multi-carrier digital culture, etc., all-round and three-dimensional The digital system is called "Star Core Smart Creation". The wind is surging, the star core jumps. During the event, a series of transition products such as L4 autonomous driving vehicle Robotaxi, China's first full-power hydrogen fuel cell passenger vehicle Dongfeng Hydrogen Boat, 5G driverless car Sharing-Van and other forward-looking technologies such as wheel hub motors and solid-state batteries were simultaneously displayed. A grand technological feast was staged. The latest achievements of Lantu Automobile’s 800V high-voltage platform super fast charging technology, amber and mica high-performance battery safety system and OIB central intelligent brain were also displayed. At the same time, through real-time live broadcast, Lantu FREE challenged the first domestic vehicle wading. The bottom-collision superimposition experiment created a precedent for domestic electric vehicle safety testing. In addition, a series of summit forums such as "China Auto Valley 2021 Smart Car Industry Innovation Forum" and "Passive Safety Technology and Standard International Conference" will also be held at the same time. The east wind blows, the spring is blooming and the autumn is fruitful. From the announcement of the transition to a “technology-based enterprise” in April of this year, to today’s numerous achievements in the field of science and technology, it has given more strength and confidence to the decisive victory in the construction of Dongfeng excellence and start a new journey of world-class enterprise development, and will surely promote China’s automobile industry. High-quality development has reached a new level.