Group News: Dongfeng Autopilot Taxi can be experienced

February 24, 2021
(Reporter Zhou Huiming) The reporter learned that the company's technology center Dongfeng pilotage Robotaxi( self-driving taxi) plans to open the experience to the public at the end of February, when the mobile phone APP online booking, You can test the experience free of charge on the open road in the core area of Wuhan Economic and technological Development Zone.

At the company's technology center park on february 23rd, the dongfeng autonomous pilot project technical team is in the final stages of preparation. The Dongfeng pilot Robotaxi is made up of Dongfeng Fengshen E70 pure electric vehicle. The driverless kit at the top of the vehicle consists of sensors such as lidar, camera, millimeter wave radar, high precision positioning, high performance computing platform, vehicle network communication equipment, etc. It has advanced perception and AI decision-making system. It can cope with complex traffic conditions and completely liberate drivers' eyes and hands.
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Besides, the vehicle also carries advanced "5 G Beidou "positioning, dynamic planning decision-making ," man-car road network cloud" collaborative technology, which can realize the functions of vehicle cloud monitoring, remote order issuing, human-car interaction and so on, and provide passengers with a safe, convenient and comfortable travel experience.

In order to ensure that Dongfeng pilotage Robotaxi is open to the public according to the planned time, on February 14(the third day of the first month), members of the Dongfeng autopilot pilotage project team returned to work one after another to communicate their work plans with the partners.

"For the first time, Dongfeng Pilot Robotaxi is open to the public and must be sure to be foolproof ." During the Spring Festival, the project team carefully optimized and debugged the self-driving vehicles, routes, sites, and special scenes during the march, in order to provide users with a high quality self-driving experience. At the same time, the process and interface of mobile phone reservation APP are improved to optimize the user experience.

According to understanding, last October, the Dongfeng self-driving pilot project was officially launched, with an investment of 600 million yuan from Wuhan Jingkai District and Dongfeng Company, six domestic self-driving head enterprises, such as Yuanrong Qixing, Wenyuan Zhixing, AutoX、 Yuushi Science and Technology, Smart Walkers, China Auto Zhaopinlian, and top domestic and foreign universities, such as Tsinghua University, Wuhan University, Jilin University, Tongji University, Waterloo University, as well as many parts enterprises, to build an intelligent network ecological circle.

The company's technology center also simultaneously developed a cloud control platform to monitor, manage and collect and analyze the large-scale and regular demonstration operation of autonomous driving vehicles, and continuously improve and perfect the operation service and technology of autonomous driving taxi according to the evaluation information of user experience. Improve user satisfaction.

Before that, many engineers in the technical center of the company have experienced Dongfeng pilotage through internal testing Robotaxi, the vehicle is running well on the open road, running smoothly, safely and comfortably. For the upcoming experience platform, the project team is full of confidence and expectations ," hope through this open experience, so that more people build confidence in self-driving cars, believe that our self-driving technology can bring you a safer, more convenient and faster travel services ."

Up to now ,42 Robotaxi have been tested in the core area of Wuhan Jingkai District. When the user experience APP is online, the public can use the APP to make a free reservation trial experience.

Dongfeng autopilot project Robotaxi open experience for the public, so that Wuhan citizens can feel autopilot at close range, enjoy a new way of travel. This large-scale demonstration operation is a further attempt by Dongfeng Company in the field of autopilot. It will provide more operation data and user suggestions for product development and technology upgrading of Dongfeng Company, and continuously optimize the ride experience.

Let the "smart" car drive on the "smart" road. In recent years, Wuhan Jingkai District has accelerated the construction of the National Intelligent Networked Automobile Test demonstration Zone and constructed the Intelligent Networked Biosphere. The autopilot scene has covered many scenes, such as taxi, public transport, sanitation, scenic spot connection, unmanned distribution, passenger parking and so on.

According to the report, in the next 2 to 3 years, the company's technology center will put in more than 200 vehicles Robotaxi, in Wuhan Jingkai District to establish the largest nationwide, the largest number of vehicles, the most abundant scene, the most advanced technology of self-driving R & D demonstration operation fleet, and carry out large-scale intelligent travel services.