Group News: Dongfeng "Chunsun" hits the road, Wuhan gradually enters the city of unmanned driving

January 5, 2022
      (Reporter Gao Xing) On December 29, 2021, Dongfeng announced its unmanned city strategy in Wuhan.

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    Relevant personnel from Dongfeng introduced the planning goals, plans and specific implementation steps of Wuhan Driverless City. According to reports, Dongfeng will cooperate with multiple units to gradually put in 10,000 unmanned vehicles of various types by 2025, build unmanned three-dimensional transportation with vehicle-road integration, build a vehicle-network city platform, and help Wuhan Economic Development Zone "Double Wisdom" "Coordinated development. Dongfeng Yuexiang will select five pilot areas within the scope of Junshan New City, including communities, scenic spots, parks, factories and campuses, and invest in the Panoramic All-weather Security Guard Sharing-Smart patrol vehicle to realize the unmanned security patrol function; invest in full-area automated cleaning workers Sharing-Smart scavengers, to achieve the purpose of cleaning and sanitation, reducing staff and increasing efficiency; investing in the "last mile" problem terminator Sharing-Smart terminal delivery vehicle to solve the logistics and transportation problems in the area; investing in the following smart sightseeing Sharing-VAN 1.0 Plus sightseeing vehicle, Achieve immersive sightseeing experience; use the Super Platform Sharing-VAN 1.0 Plus for seamless mobile services to automatically connect unmanned vehicles and gradually make Junshan New City a veritable unmanned city.

     In the future, Dongfeng will continue to dig deeper into the field of unmanned driving, continue to insist on independent innovation, master core technologies, explore sustainable business models, and cooperate with the government and partners to promote the commercial operation of unmanned driving.

       At the launch site, the self-driving car Sharing Bus built by Dongfeng made its new debut, and the first batch of 50 vehicles landed. With immediate effect, Sharing Bus will become the "Chunsun" and will be the first to officially start internal trial operation in Junshan New City, Wuhan Economic Development Zone. This is also the first domestic 24-hour service vehicle-road cooperative driverless shuttle bus. In the future, Dongfeng will work with Qingzhou Zhihang to continuously expand the unmanned commercial operation territory, and gradually realize the commercial operation of 300 unmanned vehicles nationwide.

       It is understood that Sharing Bus not only has the ability to sense 360 degrees without blind spots, but also has a fully redundant design of sensors, computing platforms and other modules to create reliable safety performance, achieve L4 level automatic driving capabilities on open roads, and flexibly respond to various types Complex traffic scenes in the city. During the trial operation period, Sharing Bus will mainly serve the short-distance commuter connection between Xiaojunshan Metro Station of Wuhan Rail Transit Line 16 to Chunsun Smart Youth City Station, and Chunsun Smart Eco City to "Middle of the Pool". After it is officially put into operation, it will provide intelligent connection travel services for about 50,000 residents in 15 communities along the line, and solve the travel troubles of the "last three kilometers" with "rail transit + unmanned microcirculation".