Group News: Dongfeng Intelligent Network and new energy products are exhibited in Beijing

November 11, 2018

On October 18, 21, the 2018 (the Sixth) China International Energy Saving and New Energy Automobile Exhibition, and the Energy Saving and New Energy Automobile Industry Development Planning Achievement Exhibition of the World’s Intelligent Network Meeting were held in Beijing National Conference Center. The Dongfeng Motor Corporation participates the exhibition with a total of 7 pieces of exhibit products,among which the Dongfeng Fengshen all-new generation AX7 (Windlink3.0) is the representative models of the intelligent network vehicles of Dongfeng, and Dongfeng Fengshen E70, Dongfeng Junfeng E11K,Dongfeng Fengshen all-new generation AX7PHEV, Dongfeng Fengxing S50EV and Dongfeng Xiaokangfengguang 580PHEV are the representative models of new energy vehicles, and Dongfeng independent electric powered Hp3.2a pure electric powertrain, and Hd80 hybrid powertrain are the representative models of new energy key parts.

The 2018 (the Sixth) China International Energy-saving and New Energy Vehicle Exhibition of the World's Intelligent Network Meeting was held with the theme as the “Start a new era of the automobile”. The exhibition is composed of three main parts, including a forum, an exhibition and a dynamic activity. It brings together the top-grade experts, entrepreneurs and elites in industries of automobile, IT, the Internet, the communication, the electronic and the artificial intelligence from all over the world, to promote the development of industries of new energy, intelligent network vehicle and AI. 

Leaderships like Vice-chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), President of the China Science and Technology Association, Wan Gang, Secretary of the Party and Group and Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information, Miao Wei, Deputy Secretary of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee, Chen Jining, Member of the Party and Group of the Ministry of Transport, Li Jianbo, and Chairman of the 100-members’ Conference of China Electric Vehicle, Chen Qingtai, visited the booth of Dongfeng Motor, accompanied by the deputy-director of the department of the Strategic Planning of Dongfeng Corporation, Tang Teng, and the deputy-director of the Technical Center of Dongfeng Corporation, Zhou Jianguang. 

Dongfeng Motor Corporation attaches great importance to the development of the intelligent network vehicles and the new energy vehicles. The exhibits represent the R & D and industrialization achievements of the company in the field of intelligent network and new energy vehicles. 

The new generation AX7 of Dongfeng Fengshen utilizes the younth culture in the language designing, and reserves and optimizes some technical advantages of the pre-model, and is equipped with the most advanced intelligent vehicle-mobile phone interconnection system WindLink3.0, with the very high hardware configuration, extremely fast AI voice and very simple UI interface, and the ultimate eco-application to enable the new generation of AX7 to meet all the customer's demands of intelligent technologies on the vehicle. 

As the flagship models of Dongfeng new energy, Dongfeng Fengshen battery electric sedan E70, Dongfeng Junfeng E11K have a mileage under the working condition of more than 401 kilometers, and the maximum mileage of 550 kilometers, thus to make a long-distance travel possible. Their wheelbases are 2700mm, super long ones, the rear-row-seats have a leg space of 880mm, gives you the leading comfortable experience of the space in the same class. After 16 major safety tests, the power battery is equipped with Taiji high-rigidity body, and the series models are equipped with ESC safety system as standard configuration, which provide the driver and passengers a super safe driving. The quality warranty for three-electric is in 8-year or in 150,000 km, while that for the battery core is in 8-year or in 500,000 km, which comfort your worries. 

The new generation AX7PHEV of the Dongfeng Fengshen is a good-appearance, high-technical, medium-sized oil-electric hybrid SUV. The powertrain is composed of a A14T engine and a Hp2 module. In addition to the good-appearance and high-technical advantages of the new generation AX7 model, the dynamic economic performance has also been greatly improved. The 0 to 100-km acceleration time is 10.9s, the pure electric mileage is 56km, and the NEDC comprehensive fuel consumption under working condition is 2.0L/ 100km, meets the vehicle emission standard of GB IV. You can use the pure electric mode when driving in urban area for a short-distance travel, while using hybrid mode in holidays when driving for a long-distance travel, which is both energy-saving and environmentally friendly. The new generation AX7 PHEV is also a high-efficiency energy-saving mobile power station, which can continuously and stably supplying power in outdoor. 

The Dongfeng Jingyi S50EV is the major electric vehicle of Dongfeng Fengxing. The power of the vehicle is abundant, with a fast acceleration of speed. The highest driving speed is up to 150km/ h, while the comprehensive mileage is exceed 410km, and the torque is more than 280Nm. The vehicle is a combination of light integrated controlling, comfortable driving, high safety protection level and high-level noise insulation. All the indicators of performance reach the international technical level of battery electric vehicle. 

The Dongfeng Fengguang 580PHEV is the first hybrid model for Dongfeng Xiaokang to enter into the industry of new energy. Fengguang 580PHEV is equipped with a power combination of a 1.8L engine and a double-motor, and a matching E-CVT intelligent automatic transmission system can realize the power output of a plurality of modes such as pure electric/ hybrid and so on. Meet the requirement of both low fuel consumption and low noise as well. This vehicle can enjoy the relevant preferential policies of the national new energy vehicles. Able to charge with the household 220V power supply, and able to drive for both a short distance travel and a long distance travel, thus to fit different demands of users. 

The Hp3. 2a powertrain and the Hd80 powertrain are independently developed by Dongfeng Company and manufactured by Dongfeng Electric Vehicle Company. The Hp3. 2a powertrain is a three-in-one design, with a motor, a controller and a speed reducer as whole. It is easy to be installed on the vehicle body, and can be equipped on vehicle like a compact sedan, a small battery electric PV SUV and so on. The Hd80 is a concept prototype of a special hybrid transmission, with features of high integration, high energy density oil cooling motor, wet multi-disc clutch and high-speed high-precision gears, to be able to switch among the pure electric mode, parallel mode and serial mode, and can be used in various PHEV models in the future.