Group News: Dongfeng Motor's cruising range vision

August 20, 2020
Most of Dongfeng Junfeng's models use Ningde era batteries. The joint venture "Dongfeng Times" of Dongfeng and Ningde era adopts Ningde era recombination technology and batteries. For this reason, the battery advancement of Ningde era also affects the range of Dongfeng Junfeng models.

A few days ago, CATL put forward a new idea to integrate the power battery with the vehicle chassis. Electric vehicles using this technology may have a cruising range of over 800km. CATL is expected to launch this technology before 2030.

Traditional battery systems have always been bulky and separated from the chassis frame. Ningde’s vision is to integrate the battery system directly into the chassis frame, which can not only increase the battery density of vehicles of the same size, but also enable vehicle storage. More power, improve battery life.

Dongfeng Junfeng experts said that the concept of battery and chassis integration can integrate motors, electronic control, and vehicle high voltage through innovative architectures, and optimize power distribution and reduce energy consumption through intelligent power domain controllers. Electric vehicles equipped with this technology have more riding space and stronger chassis passability.

In addition to the improvement of its own technology, CATL is also increasing investment in the industrial chain and production capacity. On August 11, CATL announced that it will invest in high-quality listed companies upstream and downstream of the domestic and foreign industrial chain through securities investment, with a total amount of up to 19.06 billion yuan. RMB.

Dongfeng Junfeng and Dongfeng Times have also increased their investment in product research and development, and together with Dongfeng Technology Center to increase the cruising range of new energy vehicles, it is not a dream for Dongfeng Junfeng new energy vehicles to have a cruising range of 800KM.