Group News: Group News:“ Dongfeng Mobility" Link Drip Platform

July 17, 2019
(This website reporter Xiawu Beijing information): Recently, Dongfeng Mobility to the information to travel to the “Dongfeng Mobility” open platform. This move will bring the “Dongfeng Mobilityl” platform to a new level.

      The “Dongfeng Mobility” platform was established in the second half of 2017. Due to its enterprise platform, it has been limited in terms of operation scale, commercial promotion and vehicle investment. This access to the Drip Platform will maximize the use of the Drip platform resources and mass. The user has the advantage to carry out business and borrow the ship to go to sea.

      Earlier, Didi had successively reached agreements with a number of car companies such as GAC, Dongfeng, FAW, etc. Third-party service providers such as “Traveling”, “Dongfeng Mobility”, and FAW-operated network car services will also access the Didi Net car open platform. In the future, users can call different platforms on the Drip Travel App to experience diverse and convenient travel services. Didi officially launched the network open car platform, the open platform will be open to third-party travel service providers, connecting open platform capacity and massive users to solve user travel problems.

Last year, Didi and 31 auto industry partners jointly established the Hongliu Alliance, and proposed to build a car operator platform to jointly build a service platform for future travel users and car owners. The open platform of the network car also marks the further landing of the Hongliu Alliance.

      With the general trend of new energy, sharing and intelligence, automobile companies have concentrated into the field of mobile travel, and shared travel and automobile industries have also tended to merge and develop together. Drip in the network car field, with leading big data analysis capabilities and operational management experience, can provide partners with technology platform, supply and demand matching and trading strategy, operation and driver services, strategic optimization, marketing and brand building, customers Comprehensive industry capability support such as service response and disposal system construction, and jointly promote the development of the industry.

      According to forecasts, the online car market will continue to grow in the next few years. At the beginning of December 2018, when Didi announced the upgrade and adjustment of the organizational structure, it was mentioned that the network car company will "establish an open platform department and explore the model of open platform". Since then, Didi has reached a number of travel service providers. Platform access protocol. Through the implementation of the network open platform plan, Didi hopes to cooperate fully with travel service providers, car service providers and other partners to meet the booming user travel needs.