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October 21, 2022
Recently, "VOYAH" officially announced the name of its first car, "Chasing Light", and a group of official light and shadow pictures. From the official light and shadow map, the new car design takes "light" as the core concept, showing various attitudes of light in the appearance, continuing the brand family design language, and fully demonstrating the young and sporty characteristics of Landu's pursuit of light. It is understood that in September 2022, Lantu Chasing has completed the rigorous high temperature plateau summer standard test, ensuring the applicability and durability of the vehicle. The debut is expected in November.

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"VOYAH" and "Zhuguang" will join the competition in the flagship smart electric car market. It can be seen from the published light and shadow map that the new car gives full play to various attitudes of light in the design elements of the whole vehicle. Among them, the spread wing LOGO of the Lantu light chasing runs through the front headlights, the low lying body posture and the tail "sword" lamp group, fully demonstrating the design concept with "light" as the core. The shape design of the front face with light as the wing outlines the perceptual design charm through simple lines. The closed grid shape and spread wing LOGO run through the headlights, continuing the family design of Kunpeng spread wing DNA. The headlamp set with LED light source looks like a bright star.

Light in shape is the body design concept of Lantu Light Tracing. With smooth and moving body lines, the whole vehicle outlines the perceptual surface of light flow, bringing rich and delicate light and shadow refraction effects. The low lying body posture and sliding back roof contain the style of sports car running. At the same time, the slim and long body of the Lantu light chasing gives the driver and passenger a wide and comfortable cabin space.

Lantu light chasing tail design of streamer shaping is highly recognizable. The through LED tail light group still continues the family gene of Landu's design, and the newly added red "sword" light group is the finishing touch of the rear of the car. The VOYAH subtitles in the middle of the tail also further improve the recognition。

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The model was launched in December, and the overseas business department of Junfeng Company has started to receive overseas orders, which can be customized in large quantities according to customer requirements. contact information: