Group News: What are the consequences of the marriage between “Dongfeng” and “Tencent”?

July 2, 2019
This website Wuhan Xiawu report): On the first day of the second half of yesterday, there was a shocking news: "Dongfeng" and "Tencent" married! What consequences will it bring to the automotive industry?

    Dongfeng Motor and Tencent signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Shenzhen and announced the establishment of the Dongfeng Tencent Joint Innovation Lab, which will conduct research on automotive-related cutting-edge technologies.

   It is understood that the two sides will carry out all-round cooperation around the seven areas of networked car, car safety, autonomous driving, smart travel, smart logistics, joint innovation, digital transformation, and announced the establishment of Dongfeng Tencent Joint Innovation Lab, which will carry out Automotive related cutting-edge technology research. At the same time, the two sides will also set up a digital industry fund.

    This is another partner of Tencent Auto after FAW, Changan, Guangzhou Automobile and other domestic leading car companies. In this regard, Zhongxiang, vice president of Tencent, said that this cooperation with Dongfeng Group basically covers all areas of Tencent's smart travel business architecture, from the underlying data, cloud, AI, big data and other basic capabilities to the car network, Support for solutions such as car cloud, autonomous driving, and travel services, while providing vertical support for the car safety system and content system. The landing field also extends from the smart car layout of Dongfeng Group to the smart travel layout, which can be regarded as Tencent in the automotive field. The most comprehensive and deepest cross-border cooperation.

    Tencent, positioned as a digital assistant, solves the car's perception of the environment and makes judgments through auto-driving in the relationship between the car and the environment. In the 5G era, Tencent's future network labs and autopilot teams launched the "5G road coordination" solution. To solve the real-time communication between the road network and the car, and jointly provide assistance for a more efficient and intelligent traffic network.

    In terms of travel service, Tencent launched a travel service solution to help car companies build a travel service platform from 0 to transform into a mobile travel service provider. At present, Tencent has provided travel service solutions and cloud services for five travel service companies such as GAC Rugao Travel, T3 Travel, and Didi. Up to now, Tencent has reached cooperation with 20 car companies such as BMW, Geely and Dongfeng. 45 models are being launched one after another, and more than 300 head eco-cooperative companies are working together to provide services for car owners.