Group News: Wings of Dreams

November 7, 2020
Group News: Wings of Dreams

The dream of "Lantu", which is of global concern, is spreading its wings and flying dreams! It has been 100 days since Lantu was born, and the dream takes off!

Lantu, a homophonic "blueprint", implies a beautiful plan and prospect. On July 29, Lantu Automobile, which aims to define a new generation of automobiles and lead the development of the new energy 3.0 era, launched its brand in Wuhan, the city of heroes. November 5th is the 100th day of the launch of Lantu's brand strategy. Fight day and night for a hundred days and work hard to create the future. Standing at the new starting point of the "Hundred Days Ceremony", we can see that this new brand blueprint is gradually unfolding and is accelerating towards the future.

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Run with dreams, sprint at the start

"Lantu will quickly enter China's high-end electric vehicle market, adding new kinetic energy to the development of China's new energy vehicles." Lantu Auto's CEO and CTO Lu Fang said on the night of the Lantu Auto brand strategy conference.

As a newly established high-end new energy automobile brand, in order to achieve a "breakthrough" in the highly competitive new energy automobile market, it must take the sprint speed at the initial stage of the brand.

Looking back on the hundred days of walking with Lantu, the brand has grown at an impressive speed:

On July 17, on the occasion of the 100-day unblocking of Wuhan, Dongfeng's new high-end electric brand Chinese name "Lantu" and brand LOGO were officially released in Wuhan, and the brand-new Lantu Automotive Technology Company was officially established.

On July 29, the Lantu brand strategy conference was held in Wuhan Hanxiu Theater. Lantu's first concept car, the Lantu iLand, made its global debut, which attracted great attention from the outside world.

On September 20, Lantu Automobile held a global partner conference in Hanoi. Nearly 300 companies from the fields of IT interconnection, supply chain, and digital ecology, such as CATL and Tencent, participated in the meeting to discuss the cooperation vision with Lantu.

On September 22, Lantu Automobile's first mass-produced model, the first complete vehicle in Phase 3 of the soft mold was rolled off the assembly line in Wuhan. The first complete vehicle of this soft mold in Phase 3 was the first complete vehicle of Lantu Automobile to roll off the assembly line at the Wuhan plant. , Has a milestone significance for Lantu Automobile.

On September 26, Lantu Auto's first mass-produced concept car, Lantu iFree, debuted at the Beijing International Auto Show. At the same time, Lantu Automobile released innovative exhibits and forward-looking technologies such as ESSA's native intelligent electric architecture and 5G intelligent cockpit, which is one step closer to mass production of new cars.

On October 21, Lantu Auto’s medium and large intelligent electric SUV completed a three-month high temperature plateau test, laying a solid foundation for mass production and launch in 2021.

On October 30, Lantu Motors debuted at the China Body Conference and released two world's first cutting-edge car body technologies-the world's first thermoformed A-pillar structure/the first use of 2000MPa aluminum silicon coating material. At the conference, the iFree production car body-in-white won the Special Medal of Honor at the 2020 China Body Conference, fully demonstrating the forward-looking nature of Lantu's R&D technology.

Within one hundred days of the launch of the brand strategy, the Lantu brand has successively unveiled two concept models and a number of leading technologies, accelerating the process of mass production. With practical actions, Lantu demonstrated to the outside world its high efficiency and mobility under the new organizational mechanism, fully demonstrating its determination to break through the high-end new energy vehicle market.

Conspiracy blueprint, like-minded cohesion

As a brand-new technology company, Lantu Auto has a brand-new strategy, a brand-new mechanism, a brand-new business model and a brand-new team. It has achieved the "new strength of China's car-making" with its "four new" advantages. In 2020, in the face of multiple factors such as the downturn in the auto market and the epidemic, the Lantu brand will continue to accelerate its pace. Behind the fast-paced and high-efficiency brand development, everything is human-oriented.

Some of Lantu Auto’s employees come from new energy brands such as Weilai and Tesla, some from mature auto brands such as Geely and FAW, IT professionals from Tencent and Huawei, and some from home appliances, Talents in the "cross-border" fields such as real estate, personnel, and travel...gathering forces from all corners of the country, they have built a highly innovative and efficient team.

In a new career, they work hard, enjoy it, and enjoy the process from scratch.

"At the stage of brand entrepreneurship, everyone worked hard and worked hard," said Mr. Yan, an employee of Lantu Automotive Technology. In order to keep pace, employees took the initiative to abandon holidays, and it became commonplace to work overtime until late at night. "The most intuitive thing is that when I arrive at the company at 8 o'clock every morning, there are already many rows of cars parked downstairs. When I leave work at 90 o'clock every night, all the lights in the building are still on, and there are many cars parked in the parking lot."

"Prepare to leave work at 8 o'clock in the evening. Going down the company stairs, every floor is brightly lit. The first day of work gave me a strong shock." Mr. Zhang, an employee of Lantu Auto Market Operations Department, said: "I and Hefei My brothers and family members said that this is not like a central enterprise, but like an Internet company. I really like this rhythm."

To do a new business, they are not afraid of difficulties, brave to challenge, and create conditions if there is no condition.

In the entrepreneurial stage, spending money well is an ability. In order to save all unnecessary costs, when the company moved to the new office building, the employees of Lantu Motors took the initiative to ask and move by themselves. There is no moving company, no renovation workers, the employees paint and refurbish the office furniture by themselves. In the end, the relocation cost of 500 employees is controlled within 30,000 yuan, and the relocation ceremony is just a cut on the first floor. cake.

In a new business, they dare to innovate and put efficiency first, laying the foundation for the rapid growth of the brand.

Exploring the innovative and integrated development model of "mature car companies + new car manufacturers", Lantu Automobile adopts a more efficient, innovative, pragmatic and flat management and operation model. In terms of project promotion, Lantu Automobile adopted the OKR management model of Internet companies, which greatly improved project efficiency and promotion pace, and laid a good foundation for the fast-paced development of the brand.

"Our Lantu has always adopted flat management, and everyone’s communication efficiency and execution efficiency are particularly high. Like our R&D team, we will give everyone a very inclusive trial and error space. When the technicians usually have an idea, they will directly Can make it and implement it quickly.” Mr. Han, Lantu Automobile’s durable reliability engineer, said: “The OKR management model is also very different from the traditional KPI management method. By letting everyone set their own goals and evaluate them, Whether it is achieved, it can fully mobilize everyone's enthusiasm and will not be'tied up'."

In a new business, they are full of confidence, brave the wind and waves, and look forward to the moment when the brand takes off.

"Working here, we can become the co-founders of Lantu, witnessing the birth of a new business from 0 to 1, and then gradually growing and growing, feeling happy and fulfilling." said Mr. Zhang, an employee of Lantu's auto market operation department.

"Our friends come from all corners of the world. In the entrepreneurial journey, everyone is supported by a fire in everyone's heart. To build a mid-to-high-end new energy vehicle brand from scratch is an ideal that attracts everyone to work together." Lantu Mr. Yin, an employee of the Automobile Product Planning Department, said so.

Like-minded, and conspiracy. This is a group of vigorous and energetic partners, and it is also a team of Lantu who is professional, able to win battles, and innovative and open. They have made outstanding achievements in their respective fields of work, and now they are gathering together at Lantu to open a new chapter. Ushering in the "Hundred Days Ceremony" released by the brand, this team is gathering a 1+1>2 joint force to jointly make the Lantu brand bigger and stronger.

Hardcore breaking the circle, the brand is accelerating

As a new brand for Dongfeng to enter the high-end new energy vehicle market, the Lantu brand has always attracted the attention of the industry and consumers since its birth.

During this year's Beijing International Auto Show, Lantu Motors brought its first mass-produced concept car iFree, ESSA's original intelligent electric architecture and 5G smart cockpit and other innovative exhibits to the W1 Hall, and used the auto show as an external window to fully release the brand The concept, product layout, forward-looking technology, mass production capacity, brand mission and other information interpret the brand charm to the outside world from multiple angles, and have received extensive attention and praise with hard core strength.

Data shows that in the 10 days of the Beijing Auto Show, Lantu's booth ushered in a total of 128,000 visitors to watch, gaining 127.587 million network exposures, 27.884 million network views, 6,041 network interactions, and 5,323 media reports. At the same time, European media commented on "the eight cars that have attracted the most attention from Germany at the Beijing Auto Show", and Lantu iLand ranked first and was recognized overseas as "the new strength of China's car manufacturing".

Based on accurate insights into the user's electric vehicle usage scenarios and a comprehensive grasp of the industry development trend, Lantu breaks the circle with a "truly zero anxiety high-end smart electric brand", which further conforms to consumers' psychological expectations. Since the launch of the brand, Lantu Auto has gained the favor and attention of more than 60,000 fans on social media platforms, and has further established user sentiment through a wide range of fans.

"Electrification and intelligence are the general trend. For me, the Lantu brand has just hit the'pain points' of new energy vehicle users, and I am very much looking forward to the launch of Lantu's first mass-produced car." Lantu brand fans said simply.

"The Lantu brand was released in July this year, and two concept cars have been launched so far. Through this rhythm, we can see that Dongfeng is actually doing things." said Wu Ye, editor-in-chief of Xinhuanet's automobile channel.

Under the background that electrification has become the future development trend of the automobile industry, Lantu is setting sail on the main channel of the times. "Lantu and other independent brands are moving towards the high-end. This is a good thing and something that excites us. We must achieve brand improvement, and we must occupy a place when we change from traditional fuel vehicles to new energy vehicles. "When it comes to the development of the Lantu brand, Fu Yuwu, the honorary chairman of the China Society of Automotive Engineers, affirmed.

What does Lantu bring to Junfeng?

Lantu's grand blueprint, Lantu's business philosophy, Lantu's brand value, Lantu's core competitiveness, and Lantu's quality advantages will effectively enhance the competitiveness of Dongfeng's various series of smart and new energy products;

Lantu will provide Dongfeng Junfeng with technology, brand and product competitiveness, and win more market opportunities;

Lantu will help Junfeng Motor to establish a new strategy for the development of new energy vehicles, innovate business models, and develop itself.

Junfeng Motor will continue to learn and learn from Lantu's commercial operation methods, and develop itself with Lantu's resources. Junfeng Motor will take the historical responsibility and promote more "Lantu" new energy vehicles and concepts.

In the future, flying with wings and flying dreams will become reality.

Standing at the new starting point of the "Hundred Days Ceremony", Lantu Auto is continuing to accelerate the brand's layout and landing. At present, the medium and large intelligent electric SUV built by Lantu Automobile based on the iFree mass production concept car has completed the high-temperature plateau test. Before mass production next year, it will complete the global three-high, special, comprehensive and strengthened rigorous test of over 3 million kilometers. Starting from 2021, Lantu Auto will release at least one new car to the market every year; in the next 5 years, Landu Auto’s products will cover multiple market segments such as cars, SUVs, and MPVs, and will continue to expand the product lineup of high-end electric vehicles. Users bring a truly zero-anxiety smart electric experience, empowering users to live a better life.