Hybrid products--Dongfeng Peugeot 508l PHEV receives public attention

June 17, 2019
With the lifting of new energy vehicles, the public's purchase of new energy vehicles has become more and more favorable, which has led many car companies to lock in new energy vehicles. DPCA Peugeot 508l PHEV was at the Shanghai International Auto Show just a few months ago. On the debut, using plug-in hybrid power, the appearance is tough and stylish, the interior space is spacious, the central control LCD large screen and so on highlights the strength of the industry brand.

As early as 2017, DPCA has laid out new energy vehicles. When the trajectory of time has entered the 21st century, the development of the automobile industry has also shifted from the traditional type of price war to the technology-oriented, in which new energy vehicles are the core development direction. One of them, DPCA related technology research and development personnel said that the development of new energy vehicle technology DPCA is very smooth, no matter whether it is technical or related chain, the company officially accepted the on-site review of the expert group of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on March 26, 2019. During the three-day on-site review,DPCA received a high evaluation from the review team of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and recognized the technology research and development capabilities and design and development capabilities of DPCA. The reason why the country attaches great importance to new energy vehicles is because the fuel used in this type of vehicle is not a conventional fuel, and it has greatly contributed to the energy-saving and environmentally-friendly green life. It is also because it actively responds to the country's green and low-carbon travel life, and the DPCA Group is rigorous. Layout new energy vehicles.

DPCA is unique in the PHEV technology research and development industry. Recently, Shenlong will launch four new energy models, and three of them are Peugeot PHEV plug-in hybrid models and one is pure electric vehicles. Steady and steady, one step at a time, highlighting its own characteristics, leaving a good impression on the user, and gaining a good reputation, which is what DPCA pays attention to.

The person in charge of the relevant department of Shenlong Automobile New Energy Vehicle said that the development of new energy vehicles is one of the core leading trends in the global automotive field in the future. From the survey of national CO2 emission ratios after 2013, it can be found that all countries have exceeded the standard, and Italy, Germany It has done relatively well. The United States, China, Russia, and Japan have continued to increase their CO2 emissions. It is precisely because of this reason that countries have customized the feasibility and measures to reduce the environmental impact of carbon dioxide emissions from automobile emissions. One of the old-fashioned joint ventures, the industry development not only pays attention to corporate profits, but as a local Chinese auto company, it pays more attention to how it can contribute to the long-term sustainable use of resources in China and contribute to environmental protection. Therefore, new energy vehicle development, enterprises will spare no effort , DPCA will become one of the industry models in this regard.