Junfeng Aims at the Shared Charging Market

June 20, 2024
Latest company news about Junfeng Aims at the Shared Charging Market

     In late June, Junfeng Company held a business strategy seminar and concluded that the future domestic charging market is bound to be highly competitive. With the rise of new energy vehicles overseas, the charging market is an untapped blue ocean. Now is the perfect time for market deployment. Junfeng Company has developed a series of fast and slow charging stations (cabinets), which will not only meet the needs of its own fleet but will also be introduced to the broader market. This initiative aims to create a better electric vehicle ecosystem, supporting the commercial development of "Junfeng" electric vehicles.

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    A spokesperson from the National Development and Reform Commission recently stated that by the end of 2023, the total number of new energy vehicles in China had exceeded 20 million, with 15.52 million of them being pure electric vehicles, accounting for more than 76%. The growth of new energy vehicles, particularly electric vehicles, is expected to continue at a rapid pace, significantly driving the demand for charging infrastructure construction.


   Many companies are optimistic about the continuous growth of new energy vehicle ownership and hold a positive outlook on the shared charging market. They are actively developing related technologies and promoting the implementation of shared charging facilities. The vast number of charging facilities and the steadily increasing number of electric vehicle users have led several companies to view the shared charging market for new energy vehicles positively, prompting them to launch new products to meet market demand.


    Junfeng Company's series of fast and slow charging stations (cabinets) boast high safety and strong compatibility. In addition to meeting the needs of the "Dongfeng Junfeng" series models, they are also well compatible with national and European standard electric vehicles. Currently, these charging facilities have been shipped overseas along with Junfeng vehicles, "charging" the development of the Junfeng electric vehicle business.