"Junfeng" and "JD" follow the trend together

December 14, 2020
   The day before the double "Twelfth", "Junfeng" and "Jingdong" gathered in Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone to discuss e-commerce business and cooperation between the two parties. Together, they must catch up with the trend of online marketing!

    JD.com is a comprehensive online retailer in China. It is one of the most popular and influential e-commerce sites in China's e-commerce field. It sells home appliances, digital communications, computers, household goods, clothing, maternal and child, books, and food online. , Online travel and other 12 categories, tens of thousands of brands, millions of high-quality products. JD.com accounted for 49% of China's self-operated B2C market in 2012, and continued to expand its advantages in China's e-commerce market by leveraging its entire supply chain. JD.com has established six logistics centers in North China, East China, South China, Southwest China, Central China, and Northeast China. At the same time, it has established core urban distribution stations in more than 360 cities across the country and around the world. As of June 30, 2020, the cumulative order amount reached 300 billion yuan, covering 750 million consumers worldwide. In 2018, JD.com began to sell cars online.

   "Junfeng Motors" is an innovative automobile application and design company. It used the network innovation model to promote the use of new energy vehicles. It was deployed as early as 2018. The opened online shopping mall entered "Taobao" and achieved extraordinary results in two years. , There are more than 50,000 customer information on the Internet, and the department transferred to relevant departments to achieve sales. The strong traffic dividend of the network has greatly increased the brand value of "Junfeng Motor" and the public's attention.

   In the context of the new economic environment, network marketing has become very important. At this time, the two companies "Junfeng" and "Jingdong" gathered to discuss the future cooperation space and cooperation direction, which is to "make something big." Junfeng Motor agrees very much with JD’s traffic dividend empowerment, JD financial empowerment, logistics warehousing empowerment, and commodity premium empowerment; JD’s platform expresses its appreciation for Junfeng Motor’s innovative business model to develop smart and new energy vehicles. Both parties’ A consensus on the sense of identity can find a focal point of cooperation.

   The CEO of JD-related business strategy and relevant leaders of Junfeng Company attended the business meeting.