Junfeng Company participates in the research of intelligent unmanned driving technology

August 10, 2022
Recently, the fully unmanned commercialization pilot of autonomous driving in Wuhan has been fully rolled out. Junfeng is highly involved in some of the technical work, but it still has a long way to go.

       When replying to the reporter of this website, the technicians of Junfeng Company said: "Intelligent unmanned driving is a driverless car, which is a kind of intelligent car, also known as a wheeled mobile robot. It mainly relies on the computer system in the car. The purpose of unmanned driving is realized by intelligent driving instrument. Unmanned driving relies on the cooperation of artificial intelligence, visual computing, radar, monitoring device and global positioning system, so that the computer can operate the motor vehicle automatically and safely without any human active operation. .The current technology and hardware may make us have many problems in this field that we need to solve. The current demonstration operation is only exploratory, far from reaching the real application."

       Junfeng will continue to explore and march on the wave of technological progress.


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 A few days ago, the government departments of Chongqing and Wuhan took the lead in releasing the pilot policy of fully unmanned commercialization of autonomous driving, and issued the first batch of unmanned demonstration operation qualifications to Baidu, allowing autonomous vehicles without a safety officer in the vehicle to carry out business on social roads. Baidu's "Carrot Run" will provide self-driving paid travel services without a safety officer in the car in Chongqing and Wuhan.

The policies of both places allow demonstration application entities who have obtained the notice to carry out remote testing, demonstration and commercial operations without a safety officer in the vehicle, and provide detailed guidance and support for enterprises conducting autonomous driving business. This means that fully driverless travel may kick off—Baidu can use self-driving vehicles without safety officers in the car to carry out commercial services on social roads.

Baidu Exclusively Approved for Chongqing and Wuhan Autonomous Driving Fully Unmanned Commercial Operation Licenses

The policies of the two places require procedurally that companies that carry out unmanned operation of the whole vehicle need to follow the process requirements of testing, demonstration applications, unmanned testing, and then to the operation of the whole vehicle unmanned. According to the relevant person in charge of Baidu, “Taking the fifth generation of vehicles as an example, to apply for unmanned operation, the mileage requirement of running thousands of kilometers of bicycles is required, and there are certain passenger orders, and no responsible accidents can occur before applying. ."

In addition, in terms of safety, which has received the most attention, the person in charge said that multiple measures such as bicycle intelligence, monitoring redundancy, parallel driving and a safe operation management system will be used to ensure the safe operation of unmanned vehicles on the road.

Regarding the significance of the two places taking the lead in launching the pilot of fully unmanned commercialization of autonomous driving, the relevant person in charge of Baidu said that this makes China the second country after California in the United States to carry out fully unmanned autonomous driving shared travel services. "It is expected that by 2025-2026, China's autonomous driving will achieve large-scale popularization and application." At the same time, Baidu believes that this will provide enterprises with an industrial environment for first-in-class testing. Development and validation of vehicles such as the production Robotaxi can be helpful. In addition, the absence of safety officers in the car will also help companies explore Robotaxi's profitable business model.