Junfeng company's trademark registration has achieved significant results

October 10, 2019

(This website Xiawu Wuhan News): Today (10th), Junfeng Motor Company received the notice from the State Trademark Office, and the company's newly registered "Junfeng" Chinese character trademark was approved. Since then, the company has four categories of protection for the "Jun Feng" Chinese character trademark.


As early as 2018, the company determined the registration and ownership of the "Junfeng" trademark, and obtained the scope of use of the fourth category through the transfer, newly registered 37 categories, 39 categories, 42 categories. So far the company has covered "vehicle design, testing, technical research, intelligent software design, vehicle service station, vehicle maintenance and repair, electrical installation and repair, engine repair, car rental, car transport, vehicle sharing services, navigation, parking Bit rental, electricity, lubricants, etc. It provides legal protection for future business activities.


The registration of trademarks first increases the company's brand identity, increases the user's brand recognition, and enhances the user's purchasing confidence. Second, it obtains the legal protection means, and obtains the exclusive exclusive right of the trademark to avoid vicious competition in the industry; It has the entry permit to enter the large-scale trading market, such as the electronic trading platform such as Jingdong and Tmall, to expand the necessary qualifications of the consumer market; the fourth is to help improve economic efficiency and make more money. Successfully registered trademarks can be transferred and mortgaged to make money.


The purpose of Junfeng Company in seeking trademark protection is to bring the products and business models covered by the Junfengbrand to the market, enhance brand awareness and reputation, contribute to the company's growth, and seek legal protection to operate according to law.

The picture below shows the registered trademark of “Jun Feng”

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